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Friday, April 10, 2009

Naga City Market on Fire

November 6, 2008 at around 8:30 pm the whole Camarines Sur had a total blackout (caused by some oil leakage of a huge transformer of TransCo). According to the news, 2 hours after the blackout the fire started somewhere near the vegetable stands because of an unattended candle light at the second floor of the market. The fire consumed the meat and fish section, plus, the ukay-ukay stalls are on that floor, and we mean A LOT of ukay-ukay stalls. Clothes being open to flame is very dangerous, maybe that's how the fire spread. What else is on the second floor? waaaaa the dried fish stands wherein we have our favorite seller because we are a regular buyer. The mini chapel, the office of the market. Gosh almost 90% of the 2nd floor was put into flame.

Early this morning of November 7th at around 2:30, vonskiee txted that the market is on fire. Can't wait to see their captured video to be uploaded in www.pinaychannel.com I wasn't able to reply because I was so sleepy then. Prior to that message we have been complaining of the blackout as to when it would resume. I woke up for about 3 times in the dark because it's so damn hot! It's so tiring to fan when you're so sleepy! Anyway here are some of the pics that I got... debris of the 2nd Floor Naga City Market fire incident.

(Originally posted November 06, 2008)


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