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Friday, April 10, 2009

SM City Naga Now Showing its Figure

Who says that the Philippines is a very very poor country? It’s really ironic but Filipinos still have the nerve to spend a day or two shopping at the mall and as they leave doors of the mall sometimes they make sure they have bought something or ate something. Well, that’s just one of our personalities that we love to feel light and relaxed just by strolling, window shopping and buying a little something from a mall.

Few months from today, SM City Naga will now be open to the public. March or April as their target date, being located at the heart of the Bicol Region, Consumers coming from the South Luzon can be catered by it. With the non-stop construction of the mall, day and night, the mall is showing its form and blue color showing a pride of customer oriented service to the Bicolanos and neighbouring regions.

One of my awaited areas of the mall will be the Movie House/Cinema. It’s high time for Naga City to be updated with movies so that we can also be witnesses of screenplays of upcoming movies and not 2 or 3 weeks after the original date of release. Big screen here we come for it is still the best experience to feel movies deep within one’s veins (rather than always watching online). Quite expensive, nowadays yeah it’s true, but if you’re watching a film that you’ve been always waiting for? It’s always worth the price or even more.

Plus here are three establishments that I hope would be in the mall. Don Henricos or at least Yellow Cab!!!! And Starbucks. Yan lng naman I wouldn’t seek for anything else pero pinaka importante may new pizza parlor and I will reiterate this again.. Yellow Cab!!! Hahaha manglilibre ako pag meron. Pero isang beses lng hahaha
Changes Changes. I can just imagine the traffic that the mall will be crafting out *whew*. We must prepare for the worst traffic ever. Stay away from the main thoroughfares near the mall. More Bicolanos will have the chance to be employed and it’s really a big help for the whole region. For the other malls in the city, I’m sure they are preparing for some major changes in their profit earnings. (gee..that would be scary). Let us leave that problem to the mall and department stores owners, they’d better do some major changes as well in order to retain their employees. Strategy strategy strategy! Just think of it this way, in the National Capitol Region almost all malls are situated like one road apart but still they survive in one way or another. We all know that Filipinos always wants to try out something new so tactic-wise speaking be competitive to the most you can. Good luck.

For us consumers? Welcome SM City Naga! Sabi nga ng slogan nyo, “We’ve Got it All For You” kami naman we’re ready to take our footsteps in your mall.

(Originally posted December 30, 2008)


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