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Monday, December 12, 2016

My Wishlist as a Nagueño and as a Blogger

Naga City - It's almost Christmas and 2017 is just right around the corner. Here are a few of my wishes for Naga.

Christmas Decoration at the Rotonda last Dec 2015

  • Implement (strict implementation if possible) the NO TO PLASTIC BAGS in establishments especially in malls, shops, department stores and supermarkets. If other cities and LGU can implement that, why can't we? As we all know it's quite impossible to live without plastic, but we can MINIMIZE the use of it especially for secondary packaging. Just say for instance, food and meals can be stored in microwavable containers and other food storage containers. Bagging them using the plastic bags should be minimized and use an eco-bag or paper bag instead. Let's help solve Naga's Balatas dump site problem. Garbage segregation should follow suit, it should be strengthened at household level because environmental values starts in the family. 
  • For pedestrians, please use the pedestrian lanes properly especially in CBD I and CBD II. Please, oh please, stop crossing the street whenever you please. There are many jaywalkers along Elias Angeles St. and Gen. Luna Street and I rarely see jaywalkers being apprehended. 
  • For drivers, be mindful of the parking areas (for cars and motorcycles), no parking areas, wheel clamp areas. Again, there are many violations EVERY SINGLE DAY. Calling on PSO and PNP Traffic Personnel, please properly implement the city's traffic rules and regulations well with a BITE and not just barks. Especially that the volume of cars is noticeably increasing, these violations just adds up to the traffic problem. 
  • Nicer and polite PUV drivers. Knock! Knock! Tricycle drivers. Again, I'm not generalizing, but in frequency of my personal experience, yeah, I encounter the not-so-nice drivers more from trikes than jeepneys. All I know is, drivers can decline properly just in case he has passengers already prior to me if my destination is out of the way, I could perfectly understand if Manong Driver could just explain POLITELY. 
  • Bike Lanes within CBD perhaps. I know our streets are quite narrow, but if there's a will, there's a way. I don't know if this is feasible. This is just me and my random thinking for this will help lessen carbon emissions and keep the people of Naga healthy in one way or another. 
  • Safer streets for Naga City. Don't get me wrong, I still generally feel safe most of the time at round 70%? haha. Less crimes and bad elements. Who doesn't like world peace?
So far this is my wishlist for our Maogmang Lugar. These are all minor ones and yet neglected. I believe that little things can do big miracles. Ika po? Para saimo, what do you have in mind? Just comment below and hopefully this could be heard by the city government of Naga.


Like any blogger or ordinary human being, I also have personal wishlist. To top all material things would be, good health for me and my family and more and more (and more) inspiration to work on this blog.

It's not easy to have a day job and at the same time run a blog with many followers and thousands of monthly visitors on the site. I see to it that I also upgrade and improve my content any way I can. Does running a blog have costs, yes of course. Annual payment for the domain, monthly data connection and gears that you have to invest on. ROI? I think the costs actually outweighs the benefits, but since I love what I'm doing, I never look at costs as something that I need to gain back afterwards. Why? Because blogging is not my primary work, I don't earn as much as other online workers out there because I still have a lifetime profession that I take care of which is to educate the Bicolano Youth.

In 2017, NCD will be 8 years old. Here are my wishes for this blog, hoping that any Santa can read this, who knows, right?

I got these (GoPro Hero4 Session and Canon EOS M3) as graduation gifts when I earned my Master's Degree. Thanks to my ever supportive parents who feed my passion up to this point in time. Sending yourself to graduate school is not easy and budget is really tight if you are in the academe. But these two have a dual purpose, one for my blogging activities and for my mom who also has environmental trips (because she is a College Professor too). To add gears and enhancement to these units is now up to me. I'm talking particularly about the EOS M3.

I'm so satisfied with this mirrorless camera. No edits needed and all photos are easy to transfer to my smartphone - what every blogger needs in an instant. The kit lens that I have is perfect for landscape and my foodtrips, but not for event shooting sad to say :( especially when I'm seated just amongst the crowd and far from the subjects. 

1. Canon EF-S 55-250mm. So this is my first wish, which can be mounted on the M3, BUT with a lens adapter needed (next photo below). Leveling up the quality of my photos and videos this year has been a priority already for NCD. 

I saw one in a mall here in Naga and it costs twice as much in Lazada. Whew

2. Canon EF-EOS M Adapater. This is actually my next project, the lens adapter, so that I can use EF and EF-S lenses. I can borrow lenses from my friends too from time to time. But to have one 250mm would be enough for me. For the meantime, I have a friend who is willing to lend me her adapter since it's just sleeping in the box. I'm actually rooting for her to sell it to me but she says she might need it in the future hehe.

Hi there Canon Philippines, hopefully you can have a contest for bloggers too in the future and let us win goodies. :P

Just like anybody else, I still have my child-side that I never let go of (a secret to being young even when growing old hehe). I would love to have a Family Computer (again) Haha. Thanks Nintendo for bringing this back. The classic games are always for the win! The Sony Play Station is actually something that I never got to have when I was a kid and I'm turning 32 this March lol, a frustration that I have to tick on my list one of these days. 
Image from: http://news.abs-cbn.com/

3. And lastly, a durable laptop where I know can last long. I have changed netbooks/laptops twice already in a span of almost 8 years of focusing on NCD. Considering the lifespan of netbooks nowadays, I believe I'm still careful that it lasted that long. A pangarap na mahirap abutin, ang MacBook Air, more so the MacBook Pro. I use my laptop both for my day job and my blog. 

Though NCD is just my passion and past time, I have learned to keep it with me as part of my daily routine. This is my way of spending my online time productively rather than stalking other people's profiles haha. These are just wishes, granted or not, it's not a reason for me to stop blogging for Naga and Bicol. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!


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