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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Okuya Sushi Ramen Tempura in Naga City

Naga City - Bicolano and Japanese fusion? At first we might wonder as to how can this be, but the culinary world and passionate chefs can definitely create anything. As a kid, I was never a fan of Japanese food, mainly because my parents doesn't eat much of them too, thus, we were not used to going to Japanese Restaurants or any other similar places. When we hear about Japanes food, sometimes the first thing that comes to our mind is, it's raw. Well, in Okuya, it's not necessarily that way and not necessarily expensive or intimidating as to how this restaurant is marketing the place. 

Okuya is Located at The Piazza together with Bigg's Diner, Starbucks, Gerry's Grill and Soledad Restaurant. Cost of food per person may be around P150 to P200 up with drinks. If you're up for a bento box, they have it for only P99. The dishes that they offer can be summarized into FLAVORFUL and WORTH THE TRY for first timers. If you're allergic to seafoods, carry along with you an antihistamine to enjoy their food. haha

Okuya is has a fastfood-like counter wherein you have to choose your food on the board.

For recommendations, you can ask the staff for their specialties. Below are the ones that we ordered.

We started our dinner with a Kani Salad. A Japanese dish with artificial crab stick, with garnishes of cucumber, cabbage, mayonnaise and fish roe. It's actually the first time I appreciated this kind of salad.
Okuya's signature dish the "Volcano Maki"
(Probably inspired by Bicol's Mayon Volcano because of its shape)

Bicol's best Laing turned into Maki - "Laing Maki". This is one of the best Bicolano-Japanes fusion that you can get here in Bicol.

Tofu with Shitake Mushroom in Oyster Sauce, I definitely loved this dish. I'm a tofu fan!

Another specialty of this restaurant is the Ruben Maki, named after the resident Chef of Okuya. It's one flavorful maki with fried salmon, spicy tingling shrimp wrapped in sushi rice. Discover the secret through the sauce of this maki, it's one of a kind.
Next is the Okonomiyaki, a Japanese savoury pancake containing a variety of ingredients. To give you an idea, it tastes like a Takoyaki only that it's flattened.

"Okuya is a fast-service restaurant that serves Japanese Cuisine. It is the first of its kind that has a sushi bar, operates with an extensive sushi menu and a trained Itamae (Sushi Chefs) preparing the freshest ingredients right in front of the customers." From Okuya's FB Page

Well at least for now, I was able to try Okuya. Tempura and Ramen and others would be the next ones for my  next visit. I just realized that Okuya is not as intimidating as we think. Sometimes we can be wrong when we judge restaurants just because of mere photos of their dishes, all you have to do is try them. Visit them at the Piazza now and experience one of the finest restaurants in Naga.

Facebook Page: Okuya - Sushi Ramen Tempura
Location: Magsaysay Avenue corner Dayangdang Street
Naga City
Store Hours: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Contact No.: (054) 884 9450


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