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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Buhi, CamSur: Sinagpan Spring Resort

Buhi, Camarines Sur - Located in the southeastern part of the province of Camarines Sur lies a sleepy town with 38 barangays. Surround by mountain ranges and the prominent Mt. Asog or Mt. Iriga with its crater facing Lake Buhi. When we hear about Buhi, the first few things that comes across our mind can be, Sinarapan (Pandaka pygmea), the smallest fish in the world and tilapia or St. Peter's Fish. All these can be found in Lake Buhi and lakelets surrounding it. The Rinconada area is home to numerous spring resorts. 

In Buhi alone, I have visited three spring resorts catering to locals and even tourists who seek to find the not so visited places in CamSur. The Sinagpan Spring Resort is approximately 30 minutes away from the Barangay Town Hall of Sta. Justina.

This is the point of entry going to the resort. It's a rough terrain with a one way traffic only. Sedans are not advisable here (based from my experience) or else you'll get bumps underneath your car. This photo below was taken June 2011, it's still pretty much the same. You can always ask the locals for directions. 

Old photos from my 2011 visit CLICK HERE

This is the part where you begin to walk, the resort is near, I promise. 

But this is the challenging part, the HANGING BRIDGE and there's no other way around not unless you want to swim. It's really fun! I know it's challenging indeed especially if you're not used to crossing hanging bridges.

Just a few meters away from the bridge is the resort. It is highly noticeably with the colorful flagls around the compound. The resort is quite located on the foot of a hill. That's why the cottages are somewhat located on a higher pavement.

Sinagpan Spring Resort is a natural swimming pool continuously fed by gushing crystal clear spring water. The water is free flowing and will not leave you swimming in a stagnant pool water for a few days like artificial pools do. The compound is not that big, it is just enough for a spring resort of this kind.

Depth of Water
3 Ft  (until the white line) and 6 Ft on the right side

There are two main pools, one is bigger than the other which is also deeper around 6 feet. 

You can actually sit and rest on this side of the pool. 

3 feet before the white line then 6 feet thereafter.
Cottages around the pool. 

Tip: Make sure you bring everything you need. Although the place is but isolated, other amenities such as the dressing room and comfort room is clean and maintained enough but don't expect too much. There's also a sari-sari store in the compound and a videoke machine for karaoke afficionados out there. If you are not picky and adventurous you'll surely enjoy going to Sinagpan Spring Resort. The walk, the lushly green scenery, the hanging bridge and the crystal clear water will surely enlighten you up and enjoy nature.

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