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Thursday, December 3, 2015

New Aljosh Cafe, Food Pavilion, Amusement Center and Monte Vista Walk Park at ALDP

Naga City - Back in the days when ALDP Mall along Roxas Avenue (Diversion Road) was at its prime, they had this cafe known for their breads along side dishes that you wouldn't expect that they are as good as the rest of the famous restaurants in the city. Aljosh Cafe back then had these neon sign lights and on the inside it has always looked a little bit dim. Personally, it never did look appealing. From ALDP Plaza Mall to partially Robertson Mall, Aljosh was still there, so I guess there is something about this restaurant that keeps it running until today. At around 3:30 in the afternoon, the smell of the freshly baked breads will surely brighten up your moody afternoon. This is the memory that I have when talking about Aljosh Cafe.

One Sunday noon of November 22nd, I got surprised when the facility at the back of the ALDP Plaza Mall was now all white and bright. Then I saw a signage which says, FOOD PAVILION, MONTE VISTA WALK PARK and Let's Go Play AMUSEMENT CENTER. So I guess we have to expect more development from this complex in the coming weeks since it's not yet complete.

This is the covered walkway going to and fro the main mall of ALDP and the new facility. On the left of the complex  is the AIR-CONDITIONED Our Lady of Penafrancia Chapel, where Sunday Masses are regularly celebrated.


Beside the chapel is an amusement center for the kids. Yay! This indoor playground is actually the biggest here in Naga City (I think) offering the same facility. I know kids will surely beg their parents for this. Now, in between the Amusement Center and Alojsh Cafe is the way towards the Monte Vista Walk Park. There's also a common restroom with enough cubicles in the middle of the complex which are also all well maintained. I hope it stays that way especially when the whole complex is on its full swing of operation. 

To be honest, I'm quite doubtful about this walk park because it looked too hot maybe because it was formerly an unused parcel of land. Perhaps more trees can make this area a little bit fresher. Anyway the park is not finished yet so I dare not conclude yet.

Now going back to Aljosh Cafe, just look at how pleasing it is now compared to its former location at the ALDP Plaza Mall. The restaurant / cafe is beside the amusement center. The FOOD PAVILION is on the rear end beside Aljosh Cafe. I think the food stalls inside the mall will be transferred to this area where it's more spacious and presentable. If I happen to drop by again, I'll just post the updates here.

Upon entering the restaurant, on the left are photos of old Naga, Penafrancia festivities and old churches and places in Bicol. Pretty amazing as you look at them one by one. You might as well have a glimpse while waiting for  your the food you ordered.

The new location of Aljosh Cafe is definitely huge. With huge I meant, around 18 tables which can accommodate at least 4 persons each and 9 tables which can accommodate at least 8 persons each. To sum it up, it can accommodate around 144 persons. But wait, there's more! Though I am not sure about this one, there's another room beside the L-shaped main restaurant and from the looks of it, I think it can accommodate more or less 20 persons for private functions. Spaces in between tables are ample enough so that it wouldn't look and feel too crowded.

Appetizer - P60 to P170
Sizzling - P100 to P150
Native Dishes P120 - 130
Grilled - P120 - P130
Other entrees: Medium to Large from P140 to P360
Pasta / Rice Paella - P150
Snacks and Noodles: Medium to Large from P120 - P350
Salad and Dessert - P50 to P75
Sandwiches - P75 to P130

Beverages - P15 to P35
SMB Bucket at P220
Beer - P40 to P45

Frappes at P120
Italian Soda at P60
Hot Drinks at P40
Iced Drinks at P70 to P100

With the wide array of choices on the menu and the affordability, you can never go wrong in bringing your whole family or friends for lunch or dinner. SERVING SIZE is AMAZING! It's more than the usual among other restaurants here in Naga. I'm not exaggerating. I even saw two ladies who where about to take out what they haven't consumed, I guess they were not expecting that they would be eating as many even though it was just sinigang and buttered chicken. It's like everything is placed on a super platter. 

I would rate the TASTE of the food as 3.5 to 4 stars out of 5. Probably if I'll come back and try the other dishes I would rate it as 4 to 4.5. Given that we were 4 adults with 1 ten year old child during our visit, our total bill was only around P550. 

The whole place is like a good comeback for Aljosh Cafe, interior wise, it's on an average and usual type but you're there for a good meal anyway. 

My mom said that the sizzling dish was a bit salty, but I liked it anyway. haha

So there, if you're looking for a new decent place with a good serving size for snack, lunch or dinner, Aljosh Cafe is a must try. Quantity matters for people who are tight on the budget and the taste of their food is definitely above the average. Thanks Aljosh Cafe for this suprise come back!

If you are familiar with Aljosh Cafe's mini area in between DIY Shop and Angena Trading, they sell freshly baked breads in the afternoon perfect for merienda. Panlegaspi please! 

On the photo below is another Aljosh Cafe corner. I believe this is for the IBM employees during graveyard shifts. 

Stay tuned for the Food Pavilion and Monte Vista Walk Park update on this page.


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