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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Naga City's Electric Tricycles

Finally! I got to ride an E-Trike! Normally, E-Trikes and Taxicles are almost always fully loaded. For a greener Naga, E-trikes will definitely help lessen air pollution in our city if eventually old tricycles will be phased out. I know any bold move of replacing the old with the new irks a bit our Tricycle operators. I hope they become open minded about this green initiative.

Electric tricycles can also accommodate 6 to 8 passengers similar to that of the Taxicles. Believed to have low operating cost than that of the gasoline operated tricycles, E-trikes also has a minimum fare of P8.

Since it is electric, expect a quite journey when it comes to its mechanism. Though quietness of the engine is a plus, I hope the units can have railings where passengers can hold on to especially if you're seated at the middle and the rear of the tricycle. The sudden force of the unit when accelerating can make the passenger feel unbalanced and I for myself fear of falling at the back of the unit. But overall, the electric tricycles are definitely for the win since we need to lessen our air-pollution in our city. 

Here's a short clip of my e-trike journey. :)

E-Trikes sa Ciudad nin Naga: An Maogmang Lugar (Naga City, Bicol)#nagacitydeck
Posted by Bicol Deck on Saturday, 19 December 2015


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