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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bicol Bloggers for Top Emerging Influential Blogs for 2015

Naga City, Bicol - Blogging in this side of the country is something that everybody is not really oriented about. Perhaps there are a number who are knowledgeable but only a few truly understands how this passion works. Blogging is not my profession, but over the six years I'm thankful that I was able to manage www.nagacitydeck.com while having my day job. Blogging became a part of my daily life. I never joined any contest or blogging events in Manila because of the distance and expenses. Honestly I envy those who are in Metro Manila because they all have the easy access on how to make their blogs better for their readers, you guys are so damn lucky.

I / we who are in Bicol, are limited to what we have and it's almost always DIY and spend on your own. I also dream of having Blogging Conventions right here in the region, but perhaps we still lack  the online presence that partners may still be hesitant about. I may not have been part of the emerging blogs of the previous years, but this time I want our voice to be heard, that we also have good and deserving bloggers here in Bicol. Years passed but 2015 was something different for me as a blogger, collaboration really proved that together as one, more goals will be achieved. Here in the Heart of Bicol, Bicol Bloggers was born. Through www.bicolbloggers.com we are not only able to promote Bicol, but also help fellow bloggers reach their full potential as bloggers and as good citizens.

The Emerging Influential Blogs 2015 Writing project has been on its 8th year of identifying new and emerging blogs who are making an impact to its readers. This is an effort to recognize blogs who gradually gains a considerable amount of readers, followers, and influence. This project is made possible by Digital Influencers Marketing Summit, Certified E-Commerce Specialist, Entrepreneur and Professional Program, Alfox Printing Services, and One Network ECommerce who constantly believe in the power of the online world.

Here are my top picks for the Emerging Influential Blogs  in 2015

  1. Bicol  Bloggers - The top spot belongs to my co-founded blog of course. Bicol Bloggers is a group of digital influencers who is an advocate of promoting the Bicol Region, its home grown brands, events, and its people. Informative posts and first hand experiences are shared on the blog. It amplifies the voice of the region and brings the world to Bicol. Bicol Bloggers also aims to strengthen fellow Bicolano Bloggers by bringing them opportunities.  
  2. Nagayon - I love Naga, so supporting this new blog and online directory is a must. It helps promote our city to the rest of the world. Photos and videos are all original that's why you can really see the genuineness of their passion for Naga and Bicol.
  3. Garbage Pollution and Green Environment – I am a daughter of an environmentalist. Environmental activities are close to my heart. This blog about garbage, pollution, green environment, life and anything in between is something that I'm also pushing for. We need more online stewards like this blog in educating people on how to really take care of our environment. Remember the saying that 'we cannot live without the environment, but the environment can live on its own'.
  4. Love, Teacher Angel – Dubbed as God’s Warrior Princess. Learning is not restricted in the four corners of the classroom. Since I am also in the academe, I admire my fellow teachers who extends time and effort beyond the classroom. Teaching is indeed a vocation, so taking it in a digital way is an extra mile of effort.
  5. Nice Things - I believe in Positive Psychology. With the kind of world that we have today, we need optimism for us to achieve our goals in life. Personally, I feed my blog and different social media platforms with all the positivity that I can. I usually say that there's no need for my blog to carry all the negative events and crisis in our society because I believe the 'usual' media will cover them anyway. If I add on to them, I would just add up to the stress of many people. Like other blogs who inspires, Nice Things reminds us to "never stop thinking about what is worthwhile" This way, we are able to somehow achieve the Yin and Yang in the digital world.
  6. Artful Chapter - I started blogging when I was in college, but Ada of Artful Chapter is only 11! Wow, just wow! Apart from her photographs taken by her simple point-and-shoot camera, she has amazing crafts and artworks featured on her blog. Isn't it amazing?! Ada's online life is well spent rather than using it for games like what other kids does. 
  7. Fascinating Flowers - Flowers simply put a smile on our face. While Ada (Artful Chapter) may be the youngest emerging blogger considered, Papaleng who is behind Fascinating Flowers, perhaps owns the spot for having so much wisdom at this point in time. The time and effort that he gives is truly inspiring. His Top 10s blog posts really put a smile on my face.
  8. Two Monkeys Travel - I have read so many bloggers who quit their jobs and found themselves traveling around the world. There's something special about this couple of Two Monkeys Travel that really caught my attention. Perhaps the romantic and stars colliding way of how they met in Laos is what really amused me. Such a fun and inspiring blog to follow. Who knows, someday I might do the same and quit my day job too. LOL.
  9. The Bag Investigator - I so like the name of the blog and I love bags too. More than the material aspect, behind that blog is a mother of two, a proud LGBT parent and a cancer warrior. Hands down to her for being a strong person. Her lifestyle and this blog will surely be a good read for those who are troubled may it be physically or emotionally.
  10. Manila Concert Junkie - I believe the last blog I have chosen is a bit new when it comes to niches. Love for music says it all. We thirst for concerts here in the province, this blog definitely gives as a view how much we are missing haha. At least now, we get to see how the concerts go in Manila via Manila Concert Junkie. 

So there, these are my Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2015. We need more people and blogs to cover all the goodness about life.  Good luck to everyone and keep the passion burning!

This project is made possible by Digital Influencers Marketing Summit, Certified E-Commerce Specialist, Entrepreneur and Professional Program, Alfox Printing Services, and One Network ECommerce



  1. Thank you so much for including my blog for Top 10 Emerging Influential blogs 2015.