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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Maintain, Gain or Lose Weight at Shake A Body Naga City

Naga City - Marathons, biking, triathlon and a whole lot more of healthful activities are evident in the city and neighboring towns. We also have stores selling organic produce readily available Nagueños. Many are becoming health conscious and body conscious but the most important thing in living healthy is actually to eat and drink healthy.

Wild Berry Shake for you!
Image Source: @shakeabody IG

Did you know that there's a shop / wellness center called Shake A Body that recently opened here in Naga who can do an evaluation and survey based on your body mass index and profile. In most cases recommended programs after the evaluation are the Weight Loss Program or Weight Gain Program that will fit your lifestyle. But there are times when you don't need to gain or lose weight, so you'll just have to maintain it. Knowing that I'm a little bit flimsy, I was able to confirm that I am underweight and at least now I know by how many kilos, and that is eight haha. People say that it's easier to gain weight rather than to lose weight, I'm telling you it's not true. We thin people also have struggles on how to gain weight. 

During the evaluation you will be able to know about your body fat percentage, visceral fat, bone mass, resting metabolic rate, metabolic age, muscle mass, physique rating, and water percentage. There will be reocommended drinks and tips on what to eat or not. Your personalized program will help you reach your ideal wieght and Shake A Body will guide you through the process. 

Sample drinks recommended for us after our evaluation. 

Shake A Body is located at DSI Building, Magsaysay Avenue near Glam Theme Boutique and Cafe 91 (which is in front of Tapsi Terminal)
Store Hours: 7:00am - 11am 4:00pm - 8pm SUN: 7:00am - 11am Only

Fitness Tea

Follow them on Instagram: @shakeabody@shakeabody

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Bree's Cradle, A Child Minding Center in Naga City

Naga City - Sometimes, parents have their plates full when it comes to responsibilities to their children as well as to their employers. Parents play like superman and superwoman just to fulfill their responsibilities and obligations. Toddler years is the most time-consuming days for parents after newborns. Some even find it difficult to look for "yayas" since it's really hard to entrust your child to someone else. 

Here's a good news for all busy parents out there who needs a little help in looking after their children even just for a little while. A child minding center recently opened in the city called Bree's Cradle. A child minding center is not a learning center or a tutorial center and not even a playhouse. Child minding as its definition is the activity or profession of looking after other people's children. This facility aims to aid the need of the parents/guardians especially the working ones to have somebody reliable to look after and care for their child while they are away. Not to mention, the owners are caregivers with years of experience abroad. With this reason, Bree's Cradle will be really reliable and dependable. 

Bree's Crade focuses mainly on giving care and ensuring the safety of the child in the absence of the parents. In this regard, they have cctv's inside the facility where parents can view the activities of the child while under our care. Our facility and toys conform to the safety requirements for your children. 

For more info, you may send a message or text them through 0917-566-0137 / 0908-216-5782 or visit them at Nagaville Bldg., beside St. Joseph School.

While it may look like a playhouse because of the toys, these facilities are available to make your child feel at home. They also have a television for your kids' entertainment with surround sound. 
 The place is fully air-conditioned with comfort room.
 They have a sleeping area for your kids where their personnel will keep an eye on them.

There's only one gadget in the center. This will actually be an advantage for your child so that he/she can interact with people rather than gadgets.

At Bree's Cradle, your child will be able to play, share and learn at the same time. Your children will not only be secured while you run you errands and other responsibilities, but they will also find another home away from home and gain new friends. 

For more info, you may send a message or text them through 0917-566-0137 / 0908-216-5782 or visit them at Nagaville Bldg., beside St. Joseph School.

Bree's Cradle
Facebook: Bree's Cradle
Contact Nos.: 0917-566-0137 / 0908-216-5782

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Buhi, CamSur: Sinagpan Spring Resort

Buhi, Camarines Sur - Located in the southeastern part of the province of Camarines Sur lies a sleepy town with 38 barangays. Surround by mountain ranges and the prominent Mt. Asog or Mt. Iriga with its crater facing Lake Buhi. When we hear about Buhi, the first few things that comes across our mind can be, Sinarapan (Pandaka pygmea), the smallest fish in the world and tilapia or St. Peter's Fish. All these can be found in Lake Buhi and lakelets surrounding it. The Rinconada area is home to numerous spring resorts. 

In Buhi alone, I have visited three spring resorts catering to locals and even tourists who seek to find the not so visited places in CamSur. The Sinagpan Spring Resort is approximately 30 minutes away from the Barangay Town Hall of Sta. Justina.

This is the point of entry going to the resort. It's a rough terrain with a one way traffic only. Sedans are not advisable here (based from my experience) or else you'll get bumps underneath your car. This photo below was taken June 2011, it's still pretty much the same. You can always ask the locals for directions. 

Old photos from my 2011 visit CLICK HERE

This is the part where you begin to walk, the resort is near, I promise. 

But this is the challenging part, the HANGING BRIDGE and there's no other way around not unless you want to swim. It's really fun! I know it's challenging indeed especially if you're not used to crossing hanging bridges.

Just a few meters away from the bridge is the resort. It is highly noticeably with the colorful flagls around the compound. The resort is quite located on the foot of a hill. That's why the cottages are somewhat located on a higher pavement.

Sinagpan Spring Resort is a natural swimming pool continuously fed by gushing crystal clear spring water. The water is free flowing and will not leave you swimming in a stagnant pool water for a few days like artificial pools do. The compound is not that big, it is just enough for a spring resort of this kind.

Depth of Water
3 Ft  (until the white line) and 6 Ft on the right side

There are two main pools, one is bigger than the other which is also deeper around 6 feet. 

You can actually sit and rest on this side of the pool. 

3 feet before the white line then 6 feet thereafter.
Cottages around the pool. 

Tip: Make sure you bring everything you need. Although the place is but isolated, other amenities such as the dressing room and comfort room is clean and maintained enough but don't expect too much. There's also a sari-sari store in the compound and a videoke machine for karaoke afficionados out there. If you are not picky and adventurous you'll surely enjoy going to Sinagpan Spring Resort. The walk, the lushly green scenery, the hanging bridge and the crystal clear water will surely enlighten you up and enjoy nature.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

#NcDFoodTrip: Benitta and Flora's Bakery Cafe in Buhi, Camarines Sur

Buhi, Camarines Sur - Known for the smallest fish in the world called Sinarapan and the ever tasty Tilapia, this town is actually keeping up to what are also available in a city. Buhi can still be considered a quiet town. Natong (laing) and Bicol Express cooked in the Buhinon way or Rinconada way has a distinct taste than those being served in prime cities here in Bicol. Fishing and farming are the main sources of livelihood of Buhinons. Everytime we visit our relatives, I always look forward to the goodness of cooking of our relatives and the forty-five to an hour drive away from Naga is always worth the wait. Sometimes, in order not to be left out in some aspects, businesses in Buhi started to evolve. 

A few weeks ago, we drove to Buhi to gather our harvested sacks of rice. We traveled after lunch and we really had no plans of staying too long. But since we seldom go home to this place, my father was asked to stay for a few rounds of drinks. While we were waiting, I thought of visiting this new cafe in the downtown area together with my sister. My fellow Bicol Bloggers visited this cafe  a few months ago for breakfast before heading to Legazpi, the cafe is called Benitta & Flora's Bakery + Cafe.

The cafe is located near the parish church. The street fronting the main gate of the church is the street leading to the cafe and it's only a few steps away. The bakery has two levels, dominant with black and dark orange facade with a round signage outside the vicinity.

The first thing that you will notice are the wall arts around and the accented brick wall (which I think are tiles) which are typical in many cafes these days.

On the left are the breads and pastries available  for any occasion. I have seen on their FB that they also accept made to order cakes for weddings and other special occasions. The place is fully air-conditioned with high ceiling.

The second level is very spacious and is very ideal for group dine-ins for meetings and other occasions. Every corner is again filled with wall art especially the rear end near the comfort room.

Most of the wall arts are about coffee, coffee and coffee. 

The part where there is a tower is actually a door to their kitchen I suppose. 

The food and drinks are very affordable and unassuming. On a personal note, everything is priced just right for the locals. 

Burgers starts at P110 to P135. Sanwiches start at P85 to P95. Appetizers from P50 to P70. Pastas from P90 to P100. All-day Breakfast for only P65. Rice Meals with chicken and pork bbq as the two choices at P150. Cold drinks starts from P40 to P80. Hot drinks at P40 and the French Pressed Coffee at P195. Milkshakes from only P80 to P85. Need I say more that the prices are really very affordable?

We ordered the Creamy Carbonara and Aglio Olio plus the Nacho Fries for our snack. I just hope that the fries was well drained, it was a bit too oily. The serving size of the pasta is ideally good for one. The creamy carbonara has a poached egg on top with white sauce and bacon bits. 

The Aglio Olio is one of their classic pastas with garlic, chili with a slice of foccasia bread. I can rate the taste of the food that we ordered as 3.5 stars out of 5. I was just looking for more spices but then I'm not complaining much because the prices are way so affordable. I still enjoyed the food in general. And hey they still have a lot more offerings on their menu that's why it's too early to judge them as a whole.

I had the Tarragon Tea which is only for P50.
"A tarragon herb, also known as dragon wort, is a very popular culinary herb used as flavoring agent, especially in the Mediterranean cuisines. This aromatic perennial growing herb is rich in phytonutrients as well antioxidants that help promote health and prevent diseases."

Cookies 'N Cream Milkshake for only P85.

I'll give the drinks a 4 out of 5 stars. 

I was amazed with this group of kids who dined at the cafe. They ordered cupcakes and just plain water but I could hear and see their joy while coming in to this joint. These are kids having the simple joys of life with the company of peers.

So there, if you happen to be in Buhi, this place is a must-visit. This is the very first cafe in town so don't forget to drop by! Congratulations Buhi for having Benitta & Flora's Bakery + Cafe!

Benitta & Flora's Bakery + Cafe
Facebook: Benitta&Flora's Bakery and Cafe
San Buena, Buhi, Camarines Sur
Contact No. 0917 913 2866
Email: benitta.floras@gmail.com

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Gift Shops in Naga City

Naga City - Holiday shopping is fun and easy in our city. When we do have malls which provides everything we need, sometimes we also need to find some items handcrafted and locally served by our fellow Bicolano businessmen. Here are a few shops that you can consider for the holidays or any other special occasions.

1. Glam Theme Boutique - located at DSI Building along Magsaysay Avenue, fronting Tapsi Terminal. They have lots of apparels from partner brands for men, women, ladies and kids. From rugged to casual and elegant style, bags to shoes, accessories and many others, they might just have the things you need for your loved ones or even for yourself. If you end up hungry, GTB has an in-house cafe called Cafe 91 ready to take your order. Click HERE for a complete review about Glam Theme Boutique. 

2. Phi & Piks Boutique - From the latest trends in fashion to gift ideas, abubots, crafts, stuffed toys and more. This boutique just got everything. They are located at #30 Jordana St. San Francisco, Naga City (at the back of Lucky 9 Convenience Store). Phi & Piks has re-launched their collection last October and so far they have the widest of collections from different partner brands here in Naga. And oh they also have a wall art right outside the boutique and is awesomely perfect for your ootd's!. Click HERE for more photos of Phi & Phiks. 

3. RCD Wax and Candles - Candles are always a good idea for friends who love aroma therapy. RCD is the FIRST and OLDEST large-scale commercial brand for candles in Bicol, developed in Naga City. RCD candles are made from premium, all-natural, eco-friendly and smokeless wax.  Visit them at Cathedral st., Ateneo Avenue for displays and retail offers. Call 473-1852 or sms 0917 7272639 for more inquiries. Click HERE for more photos of RCD Wax and Candles.

4. Style Hub Boutique - Another boutique which is very near the big schools and universities like Ateneo, USI, CamHigh, Central and Parochial is located at JP2 Atrium, Bagumbayan Sur, Naga City. For a quick gift shopping haven you can always count on Style Hub Boutique at prices very affordable for students and young professionals. Click HERE for Style Hub's full review.

5. Gikan Collective - Gift items that are locally produced and handcrafted will surely put you in awe. Gikan does not only offer unique products they can also help you discover or harness your talents and creativity. They are located at Caritas Caceres Compound, Liboton St. Naga City.

6. Urbana Clothes by Maryline - For a dose of uniquely designed and tailored ready-to-wear clothes URBANA is the place to be, located at 32 Barlin St. Sta. Cruz, Naga City. Urbana caters to the needs of the modern Filipina. If you love Naga and Bicol, we should also love our local clothing lines. So if you are a Nagueña, you should also wear #Nagueña and that is, #URBANAClothesbyMaryline. Click HERE for more info.

I'll be adding up a few more shops, so stay tuned. If you have suggestions, feel free comment down below so that we can help our fellow Nagueños look for good options.