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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Make Your Own Havaianas in Naga City

Naga City - After almost one decade, the Make Your Own Havaianas #MYOH2015 is finally here in Bicol. Celebrating #MYOH's 10th year of customizing flip-flops, Bicolanos will get to mix and match soles, straps, and lastly embellish them with pins from October 14 to 18, 2015 at the All Flip-Flops Store at SM City Naga.

El Niño is upon  us and it feels like summer at this time of the year, so why not have fun the least by joining the luau party of the #MYOH2015? Express yourself through your flip-flops! So how do we do it? I paid a visit on the first day of the #MYOH here in Naga and I really had fun personalizing my own pair of #MYOH.

Customizing is fun but with all the endless combinations you might end up having a hard time deciding on your final pair. Don't you worry because the MYOH team will be glad to assist you as you mix and match everything. 

3 Fun and Simple Steps

1. Choose your SOLE.

There's a size chart on your card and on the floor that you can actually step on. There are three types of sole, the Top Sole, Slim Sole and the Commemorative Sole (tropical lifestyle Hawaii inspired)

2. Choose your STRAP 

Straps varies from the basic, metallic and slim strap. The colors are really candy to the eye!

Use the COLOR WHEEL to test out your sole and strap combination. 
You can also start choosing your pins here.

3. Choose your Pin. Pins available are Vintage Luau, pins that symbolize the Hawaiian lifestyle; Summer Social, which includes most-recognized icons on social media; Hawaiian Adventure, pins that characterize a laid-back beach vibe; and Crystals to add sparkle to any pair.


The #MYOH team is very approachable. You can even ask them for recommendations too.

I'm a red person, but due to my excitement, I got carried away and was busy taking pictures. In short I was not paying attention (hahaha) when one of the staff told me there were no more size 35 of the red slim type sole. They were kind enough to change the sole and I chose the navy blue instead. Yey!

Oh by the way, one VERY important thing... Once holed, considered sold. 
Once the strap is holed with your chosen pin, it's now considered sold so make your final choice.
Privileged to have a personalized pin.

Prices range from P895 for a basic combo-pair to P1,045 for a Slim commemorative pair while pins vary between P100 and P150.

Complete your #MYOH experience by taking a snap shot of your masterpiece using the elements of Hawaii located outside the store. 

My other pin was the limited edition I <3 bicol="" font="">, simply because I love Bicol.

HAWAII is may plate for the week, so come follow me at SM City Naga for the #MYOH2015!

Just kidding, it's the artsy invitation of Havaianas hehe


#MYOH is until OCTOBER 18, 2015 only, HURRY!


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