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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Taxicles in Naga City

Naga City - Not a taxi, neither a tricycle. "Taxicles" were officially introduced to the riding public  here in Naga some time May of 2014. A Taxicle uses a diesel engine, 3-wheeler Italian brand, Piaggio Ape. 

Taxicles offer a comfortable way of traveling from point A to B in Naga City. As of writing, twelve (12) units of Taxicles ply the streets of Naga. Taxicle drivers wear uniforms, are well-experienced, very courteous and are even very accommodating to let you take a "selfie" with the unit if the time permits. Taxicles offer same fare rate with that of the regular tricycles. Let the kind of service speak for itself as to who who is good enough or better for the riding public. At the end of the day, it is them who has a say to it. Take your pick, the Tricycle or the Taxicle?

Taxicles can also be rented for only Php 150 per hour. Highly recommended for a city tour in Naga with a seating capacity of 8 to 9 persons. Just contact Mr. Raffy Duque at 0907.654.7676

Vist Piaggio Ape at Concepcion Grande Naga City for other units available, ideal for your business.
Sir Rafael Duque and Sir Bert Darilay of Pistton
Thank you to Sir Raffy and Sir Bert of Pistton and Sir Michael Javellana of Piaggio Apé for making Taxicle as our official ride during the #BicolBloggers  #SSSstaycation! More Power!

All Photos by Nick Pahati

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