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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Que Pasa Naga

Que Pasa Naga: 360° Instagrammable with Art in All Forms

Naga City - A year ago, the power couple of Bigg's Diner Inc. Sir Carlo and Ma'am Rica Buenaflor had an out of the blue idea of having a barbecue place in the city. It was a light bulb moment of creating something new and revolutionary for Nagueños and Bicolanos. From the prints of Architect GP Priela and concepts of Boyet Abrenica, the long drawn process of creating something for local artists is now the iconic Que Pasa today located along Corner Barlin St. and Iglesia St fronting the Porta Mariae of the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral. 

*NEW BLOG POST* July 30, 2015 Siete Paobras and Encanto by Que Pasa CLICK HERE.
*NEW BLOG POST 16Sep2015*: Sityembreakfast, Merienda and #TiendaSaFiesta at Que Pasa

The location of the restaurant is very significant in Naga's history. The old arch and fences of the property witnessed years and years of scenarios notable to the Roman Catholic Church as it is just right across the "Little Vatican" grounds of Bicol, the seat of the Archdiocese of Caceres.

Community Involvement. From the structure of the restaurant, then came Ben and Pen. The duo Ben Nasayao and Pen Pestrado and other equally talented artists pushed their artistic limits to make Que Pasa look 360° "instagrammable". The progress looked as if it was a creative therapy class for many. Involving the community in establishing a restaurant from rubble to an icon is another first brought by the one of the Best Brands of Bicol, Bigg's Diner. Yes, Que Pasa is another success story after Bigg's. From the branding of Que Pasa to the execution, the collaborative effort of the people involved is really evident to what is Que Pasa today and in the future.

How to order:
  1. Choose your meat: Chicken, Pork, Baby Back Ribs, Tuna.  Remember that you are not limited to one meat.
  2. Choose your sauce: Que Pasa Sauce, Chili Xocolate, Cervesa Negra, Bicol. You can only choose one sauce at a time per meat. My personal favorite would be the Bicol sauce. The sauces give magic to your food, nasa sauce ang sikreto.
  3. Choose your sides: laing, bicol express, pinangat, judias blancas, corn on a cob, grilled veggies, paprika mashed potato, tinutungan mashed potato, mac and cheese. You can order more than one side dish to your heart's desire.
  4. Choose your rice: laing rice, pimenton garlic rice, plain rice

A meal will cost around Php 150 up per person. 

Dining Culture. No plate. Only trays with special paper. 

Dessert: Leche Flan, Buco Pandan and the Roasted Coconut. 

The place is an open area with ceiling fans and lights that complements the structure.


Que Pasa also has a bar. You can order beer and cocktails too.

The most artistic comfort room in the Bicol Region. Personally I would like Que Pasa to claim that title to date. Que Gwapo, Que Gayon and Querebels, the three labels of the comfort room only mean one thing, Que Pasa is gender sensitive and will let you be who you are. All the comfort rooms are distinctive and colorful. As a first timer, chances are you'll even smile while inside the comfort room because the of the available wall art. 
No labels yet of Que Gayon, Querebels and Que Gwapo. This was taken during the food tasting.

Borrowing Oh's line from the animated movie Home, "Come in of the outside"
expect that everything is photo ready inside out. 

Bicolonial Movement. Food in Que Pasa is fusion Bicol's own with a hint of Spanish and Modern European style. The team experimented on art in all forms. Que Pasa is a haven for artists and the aim is to influence art to the whole Bicolandia. A place where you can share your art and have them on display. A place where you will be inspired to start making your own artworks and a place where you can cultivate your passion. Aside from the visuals and food, Que Pasa will also be a home to performing arts, music and all forms of art.

Progressive Restaurant. Que Pasa's translation to English is basically "What's Up?". Take note that the name of the restaurant means What's Up? It's because you will literally ask Que Pasa if what's up and what's new. In the next few months, a new set of food will be presented. The creative juices of Que Pasa is overflowing and I'm sure there's a lot to watch out for. You can just imagine the progress of the place aesthetically and gastronomically. 

*NEW- Encanto by Que Pasa - Gambas, Beef Salpicao and Sisig - Must-Eats in Que Pasa, read HERE for more and photos. 

Call for Artists. During the blessing, Sir Carlo and Ma'am Rica shared that Que pasa is only 70% done. They are opening the floor to all interested artists to paint on the 7 Portals of Que Pasa (Read more about the Siete Paobras HERE). You can submit your concept to Que Pasa and who knows you will be the Featured Artist for the Month who will paint during dining time and then sign your name on your masterpiece.

C'mon, stop liking the photos of your friends on their timeline, you have to have your own photo of the place. So what are you waiting for? Come visit Que Pasa!

During the Blessing of Que Pasa

The whole yard surrounded with herbs which are also being used as ingredients.

Transformation of Que Pasa

Photo by  Bobbymay74 of SSC CamSur

As of Feb. 21, 2015
Photos by P. Suzara 


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