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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mama Eñga: Truly a Taste of Home

How is it pronounced??? MAMA EÑGA

It was Mama Eñga (Enga), I thought before it was “enyega” which I latter found derived from the matriarch of the family serving the Bicolanos for almost ten years. Anyway, this small looking restaurant actually serves bold tasting home cooked meals. Some say “first impression lasts” and my first time dining here was such superb.
The place was neat and simple and the vibe shouts homey!!! You can never go wrong in entering this resto because it suits all, can be rustic and urbane and the price ranges are affordable for the budget. It’s like an upgraded turo-turo where you can choose from a wide variety of meals. Plus, the crew were very accommodating and you can see smiles everywhere all the time.

But let us go back to the pinpoint of the stay. FOOD!!!

Let me name you a few, Bicol Express, Pinangat, Laing, Ginataang Susu (Tabagwang to be precise) in Pako (an edible fern), Dinuguan, Bopis, Ginataang Pusit, Inun-un na Isda, and of course Lechon Kawali and let us not forget the rice and its companion, the EXTRA rice and hot soup.

Tabagwang for only P30
Laing/Katnga for only P25

When you think of food cooked in coconut milk, it’s Bicolano. Some replicates these dishes but few of them hit the notch and one of these few is Mama Enga. The creamy, salty, spicy, sweet umami taste bursts in your mouth which is not too overpowering just the justice these dishes deserve. Dinuguan calls for puto and pansit (kanya kanyang food trip) and that spicy Bopis gives you a light kick.

The Lechon Kawali!!! Oh my how do I even say this…I had a mini heart attack, my senses and heart stopped for a millisecond, my eyes dilated, and not to exaggerate the world slowed down and was revived with each crunchy bite. I was in Food Heaven, you gave the pork the best ending it ever has. The “melts in your mouth” feel, I can imagine every second of it.

Then another came. The famous Hongma bread in its mini size. Crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside (I had an idea substituting this for puto in Dinuguan and they matched instantly). Oh my I could literally die from those overwhelming tastes. And that was not the end, to top it all off is the creamy, silky leche flan. Leche it is.

Mini Hungma Bread P20
Leche Flan P15

Mouthwatering isn’t it??? If you want to feel that you are home but actually running around the city and tired of the same old taste in every single restaurant/fastfood in the metro, this is the place for you to be found alongside RCBC Centro. ~ Words by Kookai Sabareza, Photos by Kookai Sabareza and Nick Pahati

Pinangat P35
Laing P25
Bopis P55
Bicol Express P30
Tabagwang P30
Adobong Pusit P75
Lechong Kawali P80
Dinuguan P30
Mini Hungma Bread P20
Leche Flan P15
*Prices are subject to change without prior notice*


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