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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Woodstone Kitchen

Woodstone Kitchen by Chef Ton
@ BoraHut Food Temple   As of last week of Dec 2014, Woodstone is now a Kitchen & Bar located along Basilica Road, Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City (CLICK HERE for the latest review last March 2015)

More or less 10 years of cooking experience, exploring dishes and delights, and most of all serving fellow Bicolanos and tourists with great line up of food choices.. that my dear friends is how we can describe Chef Ton, the owner of Woodstone Kitchen at BoraHut Food Temple.

Specialties: Pizza, Pasta, Salads and Meals. They also serve all day breakfast with free iced tea or hot choco of your choice.

*New* Location:  As of the last week of December 2014, Woodstone Kitchen & BAR is now located along Basilica Road, Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City

Open Daily: 11:00 am to 2:00 am

The Name: Woodstone.. Simply because of the design of the place, where the name Woodstone was born. As simple as that but as unique that it can be. They had a hard time looking for the right name and they even tried combining the names of Chef Ton's children.

All Day Breakfast starts at Php 55.00
Starters starts at Php 75.00
Meals starts at 55
Pasta starts at Php 125
Salads starts at Php 115
Pizza coming soon!

Small but terrible. Small-sized kitchen but with great menu. That is what we call skills!

As a starter...

Beef Salpicao... best seller alert! This is one superb dish with or without rice. Find out the secret ingredient why it taste so good that you can even order another serving. Woodstone's Salpicao comes in chicken and tuna too. A lot of customers also consider the tuna version as their favorite. 
Beef Salpicao
AJ's Scampi Fries - Fillet plus potato wedges and a good dip to balance the taste is a good combination. Some might disagree with me but that the best commercialized potato wedges in town is the Mojo's of Shakey's. BUT, take a closer look at the potato wedges of Woodstone Kitchen, the cut is different from Mojo's but the color looks the same AND we can say that it definitely taste a lot healthier because of the herbs and spcies than that of the Mojo's of Shakey's. 
AJ's Scampi Fries
Now time for a famous Bicolano dish which is the Pinangat with a twist, "crispy" to be exact. Remember that you are in Naga City and our Pinangat here does not only consist of leaves on the inside like that of Camalig Albays' Pinangat. The crisp covering blends well with the coconut milk and makes it even more fun to eat.

Crispy Pinangat
Surprise! Surprise! The next dish with the potato marbles is not a fish! It's chicken! My fellow NcDecker was literally suprised that the dish is really a chicken and not fish. This dish was named after the unica ija of Chef Ton.
Shobe's Chicken Surprise

Liempo's are quite common in a lot of restaurants but what makes the liempo of Woodstone different among others? From the name of the dish itself, the liempo is marinated in shiitake mushroom sauce and the taste actually compliments the java rice which you cannot get in a plain rice.

Miguel's Grilled Shiitake Liempo
Now look that that, one of Bicol's hotness on top of a cake. This cake is definitely the bomb! C4 stands for Chili Choco Caramel Cake. We can describe it like the famous line "Sweet and Spicy" and everything nice which includes the chocolate syrup plus white choco bits and caramel. Good plating with definitely perfect taste. Woodstone served us the "hot" version, but it also comes in mild and no hotness if you want. But your Bicol adventure will not be otherwise counted if you'll just order the one with no chili flavor. C'mon give your taste buds that tingling feeling once in a while. The "hotness" is tolerable, my friends consider it as hot, but for me it was still mild. So my dear friends, your maximum threshold for chilis will be the judge as you come and taste the C4 Delight for yourself.  
C4 Delight (Chili Choco Caramel Cake)
Beverages are available from softdrinks to juices and Woodstone houseblend iced tea. 

C4 Delight
Oh wait, where's the salad, pasta and pizza? Stay tuned for our next visit!

Woodstone Kitchen at present is quite small, this is actually like an introduction as of now. The dishes fits well a full-sized restaurant. Light on the budget, delicious meals and of course healthy.

Knock Knock! Remember, Woodstone is right at the doorstep of Bora Hut Food Temple. Just in case there are no more seats near Woodstone, you can always choose other seats available inside the complex because "you can eat anywhere you want".


  1. If being a regular customer means being in the place for more than 10 times,then I guess I'm one of WoodStone Kitchen's regular and satisfied customers. This little kitchen has never failed me. I've tried most of the best sellers, and true enough, every dish served just got that BIG taste I'm looking for.You are actually eating more than you paid for. For those new to the place you can try my personal favorite, Inigo's Cheese Steak Sandwich.it's just PERFECT! :)

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