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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Afternoon Tea anyone?

A cup of tea is best enjoyed with your date, your friend, or your family. Or better yet, afternoons are better with tea and company. Imagine ordering one tall or grande sized Frapp plus sandwich or a slice of cake at Starbucks, it will cost you around 300 to 350 and it is only good for one right? The Afternoon Tea offered by Cafe Plazuela at the Avenue Plaza Hotel is one of the best alternatives that you can find in Naga City. You can choose to stay at the Umbria poolside of the Avenue Plaza Hotel or inside the Cafe Plazuela with soothing music as the background. It will surely make you feel like you are in a European country. These days coffee shops get to be a bit crowded and loud especially during peak hours that you cannot anymore enjoy your cup of tea or coffee. So why not give the Afternoon Tea a try?

*UPDATE* September 16, 2014 - Avenue Plaza Hotel re-launches the famous Avenue Plaza Hotel. CLICK HERE

Check out the new lovely sets of Afternoon Tea! CLICK HERE
Check out our review at http://www.nagacitydeck.com/2013/12/two-new-lovely-sets.html

Just look at the set of tea and pastries, it's even lovelier if you see it up close.
The Afternoon Tea would be also very ideal for business meetings or treat yourselves a reward after a tiring day at work.

The Afternoon Tea is available from 2pm to 6pm for only Php 342.

Apart from the affordable Afternoon Tea, you'll get to enjoy this lovely ambiance inside the Cafe Plazuela.

First plate on top with cakes.

Second plate with muffins and cupcake.

Clubhouse sandwich on the third plate.

According to Avenue, they are considering a substitute to any one of the plates. Feel free to give your comments on the combination. Tell us which is your favorite!

The tea comes in different flavors and is kept hot during your stay. Enjoy the ambiance, the delicious pastries coupled with a quiet talk with your company. Let us do away with the notion that the Avenue Plaza Hotel is a bit pricey because it's not. Avenue is an avenue of Love and they are reaching out to us all to experience the good life. Afternoon Tea anyone?


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