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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

US, seemingly a MODEL of FOI Bill-hearing

On ANC earlier this morning: While it is transparent..'public office is public trust.'

Our senate and congress hearings almost always are with reference to the U.S.'s way of things! Recall an instance with Usec Manuel Quezon lll's and Senator Chiz Escudero's quite prudent exchange of wits during the 1st senate hearing of Freedom of Information bill

Aaahh.. Is US our baseline country? Our Role MOdel? Is it stated in the Constitution that we should favor US in our gov't delibirations esp. in the very core of our bill-to-law process? I say, since we're such fanatics or it seems we are, paampon na kita sainda, sa US. 

I have nothing against US but I don't get it when we ALMOST ALWAYS base our decisions and opinions from that very friendly and influential country.Why don't we just drop everything (including those HOT CASES of FOI or JLN or POrk Barrel) and make an offer or surrender to the U.S. gov't. total puro nlng kita, 'accdg. to US' in almost all the efforts to be articulate and just to make sense? 

So sa gabos na problema kng gobyerno ta, pasakop na kita sa US instead of China. In one way or another, sasakupon talaga kita kng sarong mighty nation considering how confused and messed up we are as a country. 

With due respect to nationalistic moves of some, I don't intend to make our national sitch worse. But it is clearer to me that we are as if telling other countries of our frailty like a 500-year old virgin... subtle and unaware, China advances in as it continuously gets attracted to us, Perlas ng Silangan. 

Gibuhun mn kita State.. like how we nearly become one in someone else's term (hmmm Marcos'), maybe we don't have to feel pirated, raped in our own territory. in our own shore! Just opening another impossible dream. 

We are seen globally on TV.. let us be careful of our communications (how ironic) and idea-building as this influence how other countries perceive us...

The very fact is, while there is still no law, only a bill yet... Our coverage (a document) of our senate hearings will be OPEN.. a very good kill that is.


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