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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Today's Insight: R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Be in touch with what's going on sa gov't ta, sa streets, sa work, sa family, sa church and most especially sa sadiri ta (self in English, hehe). We may be different from each other in a lot of ways (scary, funny, corrupt, balahura...whatever) but with R.E.S.P.E.C.T. we can all live harmoniously together. Imbes iduon ta ang kapwa ta (crab mentality), let them be and let our Law take care of us thru careful observance by the authorities. And maybe just maybe, sinda mismo ang makarealize kng gawi2 ninda. kaya ngani nagbuhay tao si Jesus db? to save us thru grace.. so dai ta kaipuhan maging perfect and impatient coz it's so hard to even master the 10 commendments. Live like it's the last day.. give our best nlng pero give respect din sa iba kng mga limitations ninda imbes magmarunong or makibali sa bandwagon ta eu pinupuonan kng ribok. We don't have to take it to the streets all the time. We can be examples of civilized individuals by proper communication and being decent enough to listen and understand, being prudent enough to say sorry, excuse me, salamat and more power. That's respect for me, it's being able to recognize positive aspects in each other.  RESPECT. We should have our own space in this world. Let's not expect others to have keep the same value system that we have. Respect for own opinion, personal space, elderly and/or nkakagurang, some of the faces of respect that we need to be sensitive with. We know that we have responsibilities and naku, WORRIES, but let others do their thing and allow their true selves.

Naga is one booming city with so many potentials waiting to be maximized by us, Nagueños, Investors,  and Visitors alike. But Let us learn first to know it's rich history before we do anything about it especially in large scale. Respecting it's existing culture and not wishing to demolish the good-natured atmosphere of the city and it's people reflects how much we respect ourselves. Let us not Westernized Naga, let us consider other folks living life in simplicity and Filipino 'probinsyano" way. Our city is situated in a region that is rich in Agriculture life. Putting up commercial establishments, designing urban plans, can pose some risks and harsh conditions to our fellow indwellers. I hope our gov't is doing it's job to protect all especially the poor. The poor need not have a lifestyle like ours. They need to see that their life is as good as ours too. Being poor is not a crime. Robbing someone of it's culture, core value, is. Again, I can't be too melodramatic, willful. I respect Change itself. I respect Stress and all the signs of our times. I respect imperfections. 

Give RESPECT but don't expect... too much, I guess.=)


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