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Monday, January 16, 2012

Trending: Adios Tiger, Ola Dragon!

Soul Sisters Roar like that...
Here is a personal collection of animal prints that used to be HOT and fashionable in 2011. There's more from my cave, I can't find the files to upload here. I found out that my friend-slash-co-worker, Bs*y, is also a fetishist of the animal print. One can just imagine how elated she feels when talking about such finds. She has JanSport bags that have 'The' print. Having to carpool in her car means entering Safariland with accessories that shouts  'Leopard'. I just love the way it fits her. hehe.

Obviously, We're freaks with the animal Print! I have coaster, curtain, shorts, belt, bags.. and a few to mention. We surely had our fun times in our own rooms assembling these pieces with other neutral prints to flaunt at parties and night outs, most likely arriving late. haha. Incidentally before I arrived at a net cafe here in our neighborhood Villa Corazon, I happened to check out this haltered zebra-print top that costs 50 php. Come 2012, somehow it's a bit sad knowing that the style -- the loud leopard and zebra prints or  furry  textures-- will gradually fade as March nears up like tsunami. Summer style will surely take hold of the fashion must-haves while the animal-inspired ones will soon deserve to hang inside our 'laton' or boxes called 'HISTORY'.

New Style introduces itself to the fashion-conscious and the fashion victims alike.

I regret not having to wear the coat at our highschool reunion party last December 29th. It wasn't that kind of a party where I'm my most comfy wearing it. <laughs> To add to my dilemma, I couldn't think of any event close to now where my coat see light. So maybe it was just best that I took some pics with it at home and in my Pepi's car before I left for the reunion. hehehe.. 'may supog pmn pln ako' after all. I just wanted to save the moment with it and with the other animal printed/finished stuff.
Enjoy the Prints and Furs! And Say goodbye to them all together now.

Items:                          My beloved coat over a gray tee and a black fitted miniskirt.

A hand-me-down zebre printed curtain I have for years now served as my car-seat-turned-bedroom-sofa cover. 

         Green Ukay2 off-shoulder leopard-accented sweater from ukay-ukay downtown Naga. I bought this with a hole at one side but managed to sew it down with a matching thread. little glitches make room for more bargain, right? What's lovely about ukay-ukay2 finds is that you can store it up for some time and expect to wear it in fashion the next time. It's just a matter of how good you are at maintaining the quality and mixing and matching different styles. Life is never boring with fashion! 

Anti-Hoarding tip: Sort your stuff regularly in a year and purge the ones you don't need for the moment and subcategorize them to  'will never wear but looks good', 'may wear sometime', and 'good as trash'. Whatever labe you make as long as you are able to differentiate the ones you can keep for future use (we do have seasons you know), and the ones you can sell or donate. Let's be generous and share our stuff (good ones too) to victims of Sendong in CDO like what i did along with my batchmates, the USI B2K. Related story next blog.

                                                Zebra-print leggings I got from SM for only P99. 

Pink flower-printed layered undergarment with lining of leopard print that can be worn  with a blazer or a sheer low neckline top. 
                            Take a look at 2012 Fashion forecast from Interfilière Trends for Summer 2012 
                            (posted in http://iwantigot.geekigirl.com) suggests luxury, grunge, flowers and be
                                          able to see reinvention to this lingerie. 

BACK STORY: Get her to the French.. LACE!
One night by her car's trunk, Bs*y showed me her black tight-fitting lacey dress she called 'Lace'. I actually mistaken it for 'Safari'. Oops, my bad. Accdg. to  BS*y, it was the kind of black dress resembling the style of Prince William's wifey, Kate Middleton, she said. If I'm not mistaken again, there is a resemblance. Only that she wore a white one to their wedding, a Chantilly lace gown. In general Fashion lingo, it was 'French lace'. But what made this whole Mistaken-identity-dress thing interesting was that Bs*y wore it to her Bday party but requested her invited friends to dress up 'Safari'. That's how I came about with the name, 'Safari'. hehehe. Connect! Job well done to her dear friend who picked the best lace dress without Bs*y to try it on. =)

                           Prince William and his bride during their wedding ceremony in April last year. 
           The   wedding dress is Sarah Burton for Alexander Mcqueen - top designer of today's generation. 
                                                     source: myweddecoration.blogspot.com

The Eye of the Tiger blurs out as The Fire of the Dragon oozes up to draw in the very best of our fashion taste. 

HAPPY 2012 NCDeckers! =)


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