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Friday, January 13, 2012

It's More Fun in Naga City, CamSur

Update: Join the It's More Fun in Naga City Contest
Contest Period: May 11, 2012 to June 15, 2012 
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Just a few reasons why it's fun here in Naga City
by akosijamir of SSC CamSur

1. Mami Soup? KINALAS is the best!
2. Siopao? Toasted Siopao
3. strolling? night and day lakaw lakaw sa centro.  dai makasawa.
4. shopping? We got it all for you! hahaha SM,EMALL, LCC, NCPM, PG and more to come.
5. party? Magsaysay 24/7
6. hungry? bawat kanto may kakanan! from the carenderia to classy resto.
7. banking? garo kakanan, bawat kanto igwa.
8. festival? come on September for the biggest festival in the region!
9. church hopping? garo kakanan asin banko? hehehe little vatican of the country. (from the smallest chapel to the biggest and grandest cathedral and basilica.
10. faith? Ina is always with us.
11. Business? CBDI and CBDII
12. medical service? reliable public and private hospitals in the region. and lots of 24/7 drugstores.
13. government officials? one of the best in the country.
14. security? crime rate, one of the lowest.
15. people? they have the best and sweetest SMILE in the region.
16. enviroment? eco-friendly Naga.
17. nature? highland naga has it. Hot Spring and Mt. Isarog trekking.
18. vacation? not far from CWC and Caramoan. And other places in the region.
19. education? the big 3 U is here.  plus the top performing schools and colleges of the region.
20. home? yeah! I have my family here.
21. and more, more, more(you may also add, friends)
Naga City: truly The Happy Place! (an maogmang lugar)
This is just here in Naga, expect more fun in CamSur! Tell us why it's fun here in Naga! Keep the comments coming!

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