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Friday, December 31, 2010

My ABC of Gratitude for Year 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!
Image by Ralph Balanta

I have lots of things to say for my year end post but in order to keep it short and easy to read (Plus I'm kind of lazy) I'll just post my A to Z of feelings of gratitude for year 2010.

A - for the ANGER that taught me how to be kind to others and to my self.
B - BAMBI our Mini Pin, a protector in our home. her sweetness is a stress reliever
C - my COLLEGE friends who are far yet near.
D - for letting me DRIVE safe all year round, everyday and everywhere.
E - for the ENERGY that I have especially whenever I need to be strong
F - my FAMILY who has been always there for me every second of my life
G - my GUIDANCE Center family for being my second family at work
H - my High School friends who never fail to remind me that I'm so lucky to have them
I -  my other "I" as my alter ego
J -  for the JOY in every simple thing that I'm seeing
K - KATHY for being home this December after four years.
L - LITZ friends for being my best guy buds
M - for the MANGO TANGO cake which was close to the Mango Bravo cake of Conti's
N - NCD supporters, I Love Naga!
O - the 'OTHERS' who I might have misunderstandings with, my apologies
P - PSYCHOMETRICIAN, my work now. I'm trying to live up to it.
Q - to the QUESTIONS that made me turn to God and be more close to Him
R - the first full RAINBOW that I saw last Dec. 23, 2010
S - SKYSCRAPER friends for the friendship and the effort in promoting our city and province
T - for all the TRAVELS that I had this year, both for business and pleasure.
U - for the UNDERSTANDING that I got from all the people around me
V - for the VICTORY of my endeavors during year 2010
W - my WONDERFUL students esp the Psychology students
X - the X Factor God given blessing that helped me in a lot of ways
Y - YOU who is reading this for being my friend
Z - the ZEAL of life GOD has given me

I treasure every thing that comes across my way. Some of them might be insignificant to others, like a small piece of paper might be a trash but very important to me. Spare my shallowness, for I find strength in those simple things around me. I do not have a resolution or a promise for year 2011. I only have an ABC for year 2011.

A - ACHIEVE God's plan for year 2011. With His light and stronger faith to Him, I'll find my way right.
B - the BEAUTY of life that God has offered me for the past 25 years, may it continue to flow together with humility
C - the CHANCE to wake up each day and continue to discover people's goodness no matter how different we are.

Let's once again journey 2011! Cheers and God bless!



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