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Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Heart Yogurt Station Naga

Frozen Yogurt is now invading Naga. First there was Snofrid's Frozen Yogurt from Bigg's Diner and now here's I Heart Yogurt at SM City Naga. Yogurt, according to wiki, it is a dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. I developed this hatred for milk and I'm really not a fan. But I find it weird that I appreciate yogurts and when frozen yogurt came into the picture, it's now one of my comfort foods.

♥ Yogurt is located at the 2nd Level of SM City Naga near Ace Hardware. The serving sizes comes from Mini, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large ranging from Php 35 to 65. Toppings will cost 10 each. You can have it plain Fro Yo or have combinations of toppings of your choice like crushed grahams, choco chips, marshmallows, raspberry syrup, kiwi, peaches, almonds, choco balls, strawberry chips, gummy bears, and a lot lot more.

Try this new Fro Yo in town! If you heart your life, you'll love I heart yogurt station.


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