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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bigg's Diner Magsaysay

First day of December, after work, off we went to Magsaysay to try the newest branch of Bigg's at The Piazza. If the exterior design of the restaurant is cool and makes you curious, the interior is much more cooler than you have ever imagine. This is an exemption of "looking outside the box", with Bigg's Diner X (Magsaysay) a box-type design of restaurant just like of a radio-transistor (exterior design) that will make you tune in to, it's a must to "look inside the box".

CLICK HERE for photos of Bigg's Diner SM City Naga Branch
CLICK HERE for phtoos of Bigg's Diner Centro
CLICK HERE for photos of Bigg's Diner P. Burgos St. (CLOSED BRANCH)

Who would have thought that we were dining in a same old restaurant but would give us a different feeling and ambiance. It's the same old Bigg's, same menu on the board being offered but a with a twist of ambiance compared to Bigg's Advent, Bigg's Centro or Bigg's BMC Road for that matter.

Foods served hot, well presented that will surely delight your senses. The neighboring restaurants inside Piazza are Starbucks,Yellow Cab, Okuya, Soledad (A Fil Spanish Restaurant) and the newly transferred Gerry's Grill. 

The display of old cameras and radio transistors are for the win. The Jukebox on the other hand really looks interesting, one of the crew said that it's still functional, only that it's for our eyes only.

Here's another bonus for frozen yogurt fans out there, Biggs' Snofrids Frozen Yogurt is also available at this branch. Now we have two branches serving the frozen Yogurt, Bigg's Centro and now Bigg's Magsaysay. So what are you looking at? Don't just look outside the box at the Piazza, visit Bigg's Diner Magsaysay and experience it yourself!


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