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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

RedFlag Radio

Another creation from Naga City powered by yeheytv.com is about to conquer the world wide web..  Red Flag Radio, named after an Auto Group popularly known as Red Flag in the "City that Smiles to the World", "An Maogmang Lugar" non other than Naga City. Probably you've seen cars around with stickers on the rear or front windshields, either in acronym RF or in full words REDFLAG or TEAM REDFLAG... they are the people behind the steering wheel and on the front seat driving with humility alongside confidence and yes they are behind this online radio.

The group is composed of car enthusiasts who drive their cars not only with pride but most importantly with dignity. Need for speed will always be part of every drivers' challenges but the greatest challenge of all remains on how they respect each and every individual on the road.
Music, as one of their sources of entertainment and bonding, they decided to create a site wherein anyone in the world can listen to songs from the timeline when songs started to exist until it has evolved to what we are listening to today.

RF knows how to accelerate whenever they are on the fast lane.
RF knows how to shift to low gear whenever they need to be cautious in unexpected breakthroughs
RF knows how to hit the break whenever they are meeting crossroads and challenges.
RF knows when to reverse whenever they need to go back and check what they have missed when they accelerated too much, shifted to low gear too early, or if they missed to hit brake whenever needed.

Listen now and send in your requests on the chatbox available on the site. .
RedFlag Radio is your online music superhighway! Kapish Comprende?


More power to RedFlag! More power to YeheyTV.com! Proudly Nagueno made!

*P.S Still fixing the schedule of DJs on air. 


  1. Very well said! Good job! Kudos to Naga City Deck. Thank you!

    - Brian Canizares, President Team Red Flag Naga

  2. my pleasure!

    thanks for the visit Bri!