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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Black Market at the WestPark

There's a unique kind of market with a catchy name every night at the front of the WestPark Leisure Hub. The name of this shop is called the Black Market. Literally, they sell anything that comes in black but of course not all. Black Market was seen first along Panganiban Drive, along the junction of Mayon Avenue. Come visit the Black Market and you might find something interesting of your taste and passion. 

The store is open daily almost until midnight. With it's theme, the color black, you'll never get lost. Even though black is dark, this market is the shiniest black of all. 

For them: Black is pure. Black is simple. Boundless and unrestrained. Timeless as time itself. In the beginning there was nothing, nothing but black. Black is your being, black is what you are. 

April 2011
Photo by oragon.com of SSC CamSur


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