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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Coffee Beanery Naga - Halloween Special

'The end of October is near, trick or treat clicks a lot in western countries.. it's only a few years back when Filipinos appreciated the Halloween season. Almost every establishment in an urban place would hang on bones, skeletons, spiders, display coffins, witches with brooms, scarecrows, pumpkins and a lot more. Naga City is not excluded to that kind of idea. Let us try to visit establishments, institutions and or homes and let us take a peak who wants to be scared, to scare and be scared of. 

Enjoying a cup of Hot Lemon Grass Tea here at The Coffee Beanery in a cold night, plus with extra acoustic songs being lively serenaded at the open activity area of the Avenue Square. Visit the place and enjoy the tea, coffee, cake, sandwiches, pastas and a whole lot of specialties to choose from. Here are some of the Halloween thrills that you can see here at this night spot along the long strip of Magsaysay Avenue, "The Gimmick Hub" of Bicol. 


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