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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Hungrily, a food delivery app in Naga City

Midweek, lazy to go outside of the office and to drive for lunch. I finally decided to try Hungrily, an app which allows Nagueños to order from a handful of restaurants (25+ and counting) here in the city and have it delivered right to your doorstep. I miss Japan-Japan located in Mariano Village in Magsaysay and it’s not found in the main thoroughfares of Naga too. If I will go there for lunch, it will take me around 20 minutes max just get there and another 20 minutes  going back because of city traffic from where I work. Add up the waiting time for the cooking. So I ordered the following via Hungrily.

Hungrily is a food delivery app that brings together top restaurants and food brands from Naga City into a beautiful digital platform.With a few taps, you can have your favorites delivered to where you are, hassle-free.If you don't like dealing with traffic, are too busy to go out for dinner, have a study session with friends, hosting a dinner party, or simply  hungry or something delicious, this app is for you.

Placed my order at 11:02 am. The app is very easy to navigate, just a few taps and your order is ready to be processed. After 8 minutes, I received a phone call confirming my order. Food arrived at 12:12. An hour of waiting time is not bad at all. Take note, I ordered a Ramen so I was a bit worried that it won’t be hot anymore. From 1 to 10, 10 being the "hottest", the Ramen was on an 8 level of "hotness". Just perfect to be eaten! Hungrily saves the day, cuts the travel time from my work place to this hole in the wall foodie destination in Naga.

Hungrily is very ideal for someone (like me) who from time to time gets bored eating from the same food sources within my work place. Hungrily saves the day for someone who sometimes get caught with paper works on a lunch break or even on meriendas.Delivery charge is very competitive, sulit lalo na kapag in bulk ang order. Download the app now! Available both for iOS and Android devices.

Japan-Japan by Mitsuo San
CLICK HERE for a review about Japan-Japan

At first, I really wanted something from Japan-Japan and Infinitea at the same time. So I messaged Hungrily via their Facebook Page and asked the questions: “Is it possible to order from two establishments at the same time? Does it mean there will be two delivery charges?” As of writing, it’s not possible to order from two establishments in one transaction. You’ll have to do separate transactions for every restaurant with a separate delivery charge of course. Hopefully Hungrily can explore on this option and have a separate amount of delivery charge should one wish to order from more than one establishment. 

Promo alert!

Thank you Nueca! From the time you started back in 2012, you have been one of the greatest minds in Naga who chose to stay, keep and nourish talents, to serve our fellow Nagueños and Bicolanos.


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