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Monday, October 29, 2018

#NCDtravels: 4 Things to do in San Lorenzo Ruiz, Camarines Norte

Camarines Norte, known as the "Gateway of Bicol" is by far a province that I have been exploring since 2014 as a blogger. From encountering paradise in Calaguas Group of Islands to more island hopping in the 7 islands of Mercedes, to visiting historical churches, to surfing and paragliding in Bagasbas Beach (this has yet to be ticked off in my bucket list), to historically walk through the first Rizal monument not only in the Philippines but in the world, to chasing waterfalls, to enjoying the unique flavors in the capital town, Daet and other towns in the province, one can go on with the list of fully exploring CamNorte in many ways.

Not known to many, CamNorte has a quiet town now fondly called SLR today. This town is a favorite destination for locals especially during summer due to its richness in water resources. Here are 4 Things to do in SLR and this can be a suggested itinerary too for a day tour.

1. Sightseeing in SLR Highlands - Overlooking the grenery of Camarines Norte with a portion of the province's mountainous side, overlooking the towns of Basud, Mercedes to the shores of Bagasbas while enjoying the lush site of mother nature. The site is around 10-15 minute ride from the municipal hall. The road is mostly unpaved, SUV's and all wheeled drive vehicles should easily make it or have the option to rent a habal habal from the town hall. We luckily saw either an eagle or a hawk freely flying around that morning and this only means one thing, the place is really undisturbed. This site is just about to be offered to tourists, I am hoping that this area can be carefully developed without drastically disturbing its natural state.
"Susong Daraga", noticeable in the photo

2. Ride the Longest Zipline in Bicol - SLR holds the longest zipline in Bicol to date.  I'm a first timer at that and I'm really glad that I did it here and that is 375 + 380 meters long as it connects two Barangays, Matacong and Maisog. With this distance, the rate is only P250 for the sitting position and P350 for the superman position. Promise, you will enjoy the view! Towering coconut trees, mountains on one side and a flowing river underneath your feet are the breathtaking views that you will enjoy from this zipline.

Photo by San Lorenzo Ruiz Tourism FB

3. Take the Tramline - For the faint of heart and for those who are still not ready to take the zipline (but please do take it, you will not regret it I promise), you can also try the cable car for only P50.00. This ride will allow you to take photos rather decent and be able to identify the sites to the point of identifying one of the island of Mercedes which is Canimog Island.

The long way for the locals before the tramline existed. Matacong Hanging Bridge, connecting Matacong and Maisog.
 Just to add up value, the tramline is a big help to the locals of these two barangays especially for transporting their agricultural products like these coconuts in the video wherein they pay .50 cents per piece.

Notice in the video below is a man carrying loads of coconuts who we saw near the river, with about 60 kilos on his back but traveling by foot through the Matacong Hanging Bridge (as seen from the zipline view). Imagine the weight and the trail he has to traverse just to get his coconuts sold. The hanging bridge is about a kilometer hike downhill from the zipline station.

These locals work hard to earn for their day to day necessities. Trips like these always serves as a reminder for us who lives in cities that there are people who has more difficult jobs than ours and yet they can smile and work harder for their families. ❤️

More photos 

4. Have a refreshing dip at Mampurog River - Club Noah is just one of the resorts in San Lorenzo Ruiz that has access to the rich river system of this town. They have very nice cabanas  overlooking the running waters of Mampurog river. They also have cottages, umbrellas and they also allow camping. Remember this is an Eco-friendly resort, do away of leaving any thrash especially near the river and the facilities are almost all back to basics.

 Club Noah
Brgy. Mampurog,San Lorenzo Ruiz, CamNorte
Entrance: P10.00 only
Open from 7AM t o 6PM

How to get to San Lorenzo Ruiz? From Camambungan, Van & Jeepney Terminal in Daet, take the Jeepney to San Lorenzo Ruiz. Just tell the driver to drop you off to Brgy. Matacong where the zipline is. Fare is Php23. Travel time from Daet to Matacong is around 30 mins

San Lorenzo Ruiz Tourism
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/turismo.sanlorenzoruiz.5

Provincial Tourism Office
J. Lukban St.
Daet, Camarines Norte

(054) 885 1898
#GoCamNorte Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoCamNorte/ 



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