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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Bicol Bloggers Outreach 2017

All throughout the year we serve fellow Bicolanos online. Last December 23, 2017 (Saturday) and to start a tradition, we took the time to disconnect online to reach the ‘offline’ families of Patitinan and Consocep for Bicol Bloggers #BBChristmas Outreach Tour. Instead of going to usual charity houses, we drove to these two areas and looked for 50 homes and give out joy from the bloggers and most importantly our partners.

Together with one of our collaborator, JCI Naga Inc., we did an ocular visit prior to Saturday to identify remote families whom we can surprise for Christmas. As we draw close to Saturday, additional support came right after another. I was really overwhelmed with the response of my friends and brands who believe in what we are doing.

The trip was of dual purpose, to give out some joy and Christmas surprise and to feature the beauty of Patitinan and Consocep, thus the idea of having the activity as an outreach and a tour at the same time.
It’s diffucult to organize an outreach while having a day job, but with the right people to help you, everything will run smoothly and for this I’m really thankful. When we reached Sagñay, Camarines Sur, the rain was pouring hard, but when we started to deliver the goods, the sun came out until the end of our outreach. It was really a blessed day indeed.

All this is made possible with the help of our major sponsors:

  • Bicol Bloggers Members for our basic grocery packs
  • Chevrolet, Foton, Nissan, Honda and Subaru CamSur of JLo Auto Group - for our sliegh - The Nissan Urvan, Foton Toplander and Chevrolet Sail
  • Atlantic Bakery - for the Chiffon Cakes and Nutri Slice
  • Chef & Baker - for our thanksgiving cakes
  • JCI Naga Inc. and JJC Naga - for the sacks of rice and the collaboration - more please! Doreen for the fruits and Charlton for the pancit canton.
  • Golden Egg - for that ultimate noodles
  • EMBallon Engineering Consultancy - for the financial assistance
  • Naga Crushing Rock Dev't Corp - for the financial assistance
  • Bicol Biomass Energy Corporation -for the financial assistance
  • Julia Ads - for our tarpaulin 
  • JLo Big Heart Foundation - for the vitamins and deworming meds for the kids

Photo by Frances and Flair

Photo by Frances and Flair
Thank you as well to Tita Dada Llaguno for accommodating us in their beautiful rest house.

Dios mabalos po sa gabos. Bicol Bloggers Family for your contribution. Sir Jojo of Chevrolet CamSur for paving the way of providing us not just one but three transpo, Ms Kim of Atlantic Bakery for the trust, Jobo of JCI Naga Inc. and new found friends, Kookai of Black and White Scribbles and Yvette Ducut for looking for other partners. Didi, Chia, Michael, Kira The Yorkie, Ivy of Handpanted Sky and Ms Kharen, JCI Naga Inc boys and the energetic Baby Jaycees, JLo Auto Group and JLo Big Heart Foundation reps for your presence and the rest of BB members who were there in spirit. We did it!


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