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Monday, December 18, 2017

Converse Naga at Robinsons Place Naga

Chucks! Perhaps this is what usually comes to mind when we hear the brand Converse. Back in my highschool or college days, Chuck Taylors has been part of the wishlist, until now would you believe that it's still in my wishlist? Yep!

A few days ago I learned so much about Chuck Taylor himself and itself. I did know that it is not just a brand but a basketball icon back in the days. Little did I know that Converse has evolved its way from serving the military to sports and now to different lifestyles across different age brackets. Learned so much about the brand during the intimate media event. Did you know that there are three types of Converse? We all know the Chuck Taylor All Star, there’s the Jack Purcell the one with a Smile and the Cons with One Star. There’s always one for your style for sure because you can #WearItWithAnything. They also have other apparels like shirts, caps, bags etc.

Converse Naga is located at the Ground Level of Robinsons Place Naga (Almeda  Highway Side)

Did you also know that Converse has also added comfort to the soles of their sneaks because of the Lunarlon Tech of Nike? So guys, check out the new stand alone store of Converse at the Robinsons Place Naga now and find your pair now!

The more that I was able to appreciate my Cons (One Star) when I learned so much about the brand.
I’m torn between the nude colored sneaks or the white leather All Star. Which is which? The white will never go wrong in any outfit. Converse has basically led the trend when it comes to pairing it with anything.


For the KIDS


CONS with one star. Basically a trend now for skateboarders.

#ForeverChuck #nagacitydeck #BicolBloggers
Ground Level Robinsons Place Naga (Almeda Highway side)


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