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Thursday, August 25, 2016

#Penafrancia2016: Bicolandia Music and Arts Festival

Bicolandia Music & Arts Festival
September 16 2016, Friday, 9PM

@  SM City Naga, Parking Area

CLICK HERE for the Penafrancia Festival 2016 Schedule of Events

Ticket Price: P200 (w/ free Biggs Burger & Smart Sim). Get your tickets any any Bigg's Diner Outlet

Feat. Sud  KissJane (Main Acts)
UNIFY - Acoustic Beatbox ManGroove  / Southern Lights Collective Exit Band / FourKeeps / (Supporting Acts)  

DJs : Perry / Mike Alvarez / Jeff Pamesa / Robert Dino / JD hendrix / Brian Alcantara

Host: Ms. Dominique Lagrimas

Official Hashtags: #BMAF #BiggsPenafrancia #SmartPenafrancia

Presented by: Biggs Diner Smart Communications, Inc. SM Naga, City

Powered by
HH Events Management & Productions
Contact 09159767520 // 09297836623

CLICK HERE for the Penafrancia Festival 2016 Schedule of Events


Bicolandia Music & Arts Festival (BMAF 2016), the premier activity festival of Naga City during the PENAFRANCIA FESTIVAL. With its multi-regional campaign plan, BMAF is designed to bring visitors from neighboring provinces like ALBAY, Camarines Sur & Norter, Sorsogon, and as far as QUEZON and Manila –effectively providing another dimension to the various tourist attractions of Naga City. The positioning of the marketing campaign for the event is also intended to use and promote the attractions and identity of Naga City to the broad national audience.

BMAF 2016 will see national artists perform live music with local talents in sequences with digital motion arts synchronized to the beat. It will be a production scale that is up to national standards in the likes of which that has never been seen before in Naga City and Cam Sur as a whole. The production will be intricately programmed to maintain its reflection to the culture of the City. It will be something that will identify with Naga and it will be another something that the city can be proud of.

It is an outdoor music festival tied up with the local businesses. There will be tents and booths deployed over the area that will be selling food, drinks, and merchandise all day to make it an ideal place to spend a day for festivities. The lineup of artists is carefully assembled to synchronize with each other and also bring attention and prestige to the event.

Acts/ Artists will be on for the event, the country’s top artists and performers. The event will open its gate as early as 9am until 12midnight on SEPTEMBER 16 2016 at SM CITY NAGA Parking Area, Naga City. 

Facebook Page: Bicolandia Music & Arts Festival



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