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Friday, March 25, 2016

Global Cuisine at Global Kitchen

Naga City - Located along one of the main arterial road of the city, Panganiban Drive, houses a restaurant that caters to global creativity when it comes to cuisines. Starting off with Asian food, this restaurant called Global Kitchen  may relive your Asian journey especially the jet-setters.

Global Kitchen is located beside Lucky 9 Panganiban

The place has this minimalist interior when it comes to design and structure. The only thing noticeable with Global Kitchen is perhaps the bamboo wall perfect for photo opps and in our case as bloggers, for our ootd.

Global Kitchen started with the Asian cuisine. Known for its various spices and flavors, Global Kitchen by Roanda Restaurant has enough culinary experience when it comes to Asian dishes. Sooner or later, Global Kitchen will be living up to their name offering other types of cuisines there is around the world.

Starting off with the Tom Yum, this is a Thai cuisine normally with shrimp or prawn with cilantro and Tom Yum paste or probably a ready Tom Yum spice mix. It has  a tangy taste, a bit sour and spicy

I loved the Malaysian Laksa! Served according to your spiciness level, you can request it to be mild, hot and extremely hot level which is normal for the Malaysian Laksa. Served with puffy fried tofu, bean sprouts (toge) and an exploding taste of spices of the Laksa paste. 

Another personal favorite is the Pad Thai. Basically with stir fried noodles with vegetables, peanuts or peanut oil and a lime wedge. Global Kitchen's Pad Thai has a beautiful plating. I'm not sure what this blanket is made of but it tastes like egg.

The Hainanese Chicken has this unique broiled/ steamed chicken with three different kinds of garnishes/sauce perfect with a hot steaming rice.

Stir-Fried Vegetable and Tofu is like the oriental chopsuey. Perfect for the diet conscious and vegetarians.

These Asian cuisines are just an introduction for Global Kitchen. Pretty sure there are more to explore on the menu of this restaurant. If you're not sure on what to order, don't hesitate to ask questions to the crew. It's always fun to explore new types of dishes. I just love the various spices in this restaurant.

Global Kitchen now offers desserts and pastries, other Asian Cuisines and various Filipino dishes. Perhaps another visit to this restaurant is now a must. Thank you Global Kitchen, for accommodating the Bicol Bloggers during our First Year Anniversary celebration. The food is absolutely amazing!

Global Kitchen
Facebook Page: Global Kitchen
Panganiban Drive, Naga City
Beside Lucky 9 Panganiban Branch
Contact No.: (054) 881-8413


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