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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Baao Burda Initiatives at La Huerta de Rosario in Baao, Camarines Sur

Baao, Camarines Sur - Did you know that this municipality was well known for its "burda" (embroidery) during its early years? My mom, who hails from the Rinconada area though not in Baao but in Buhi, said that during her younger years, Baao was indeed well known for its craft especially in pillow cases, table runners and the like.

We had the chance to rediscover Baao in the aspect of crafts and art in less than a day. An entrepreneur based in Baao, Bernadette de los Santos is on her way in reviving the industry that has long been forgotten by our current generation.

But before we go to embroidery, first let's talk about La Huerta de Rosario. Owned and managed by Ms. B, La Huerta is an agri-tourism destination here in Camarines Sur that sets it apart from the usual tourist destination. La Huerta de Rosario in Sta. Teresita Baao is technically a farm where guests can enjoy and experience harvesting crops and fresh produce. It doesn't end up to harvesting because you can have these produce cooked in the Rinconada way and enjoy them for merienda or lunch.

The whole compound of La Huerta has a beautiful landscape. Pebbled walkway and pathways having an outline of huge gabi leaves (I think) will lead you to a hut with artworks on display and other antique wood works and bottles, this also serves as a dining area.

Tanglad / Lemongrass Juice and Sandwich for our morning snack

Our lunch, native tinola, toge and morcon

Baao is 405.159 kilometers from Luneta Park. Signage from Baao's old train station
antique wood works at the dining area

No walk-ins, just reservations. Now don't be surprised if La Huerta only accepts reservations. They want you to experience total relaxation and pampering. You can stay for a day or more for there are other amenities that can be arranged depending upon your needs. The farm has this La Casita de Teresa (photo below), a back-to-basics facility that is very artsy and cozy.

Walkway to the La Casita de Teresa, your back-to-basics artsy kubo

The door

Walking a few more steps will lead you to a bigger hut which serves as a function hall which you can also book if you have special gatherings or meetings. Just have things discussed with Ms. B prior to your stay or function and everything will be smooth sailing. Can you imagine yourself doing some artworks surrounded by greens and flowers plus the music of birds, crickets and whatnots? Surely nature can inspire you and squeeze out the creative juices in you. Now let's go back to embroidery.

Baao Burda Initiatives is a social enterprise that provides livelihood to rural women of Baao while making sure the traditional embroidery skill lives on. While seminars on using recycled materials are common, Ms. B promotes the same cause of using reusable fabric bags. Indeed there is ingenuity in embroidery.

Small things can create amazing pieces especially if they are handcrafted. These are the threads and yarns being used by the rural women. 

Embroidered by hands, moved by the heart. The Baao Burda Initiatives bags are so personal yet very meaningful. Your purchases will go a long way helping the women of Baao. Indeed it's better to teach the locals to be productive rather than dole out goods like we use to. 

Livelihood training takes place in La Huerta Farm where it's cozy, quiet and one with nature. All you can actually hear are birds chirping with the twigs and trees swaying with the wind. Visiting the farm is by appointment only. So better call Ms. B and book your visit in this lovely farm.


So there, I hope you enjoyed my online mini-tour at La Huerta Farms. Remember, the basics and the traditional arts and skills are still the best when created for the future. Relax and unwind at La Huerta and be one with nature.

Thank you Ms. B for the accommodation. Every corner of your haven is pure art with so much soul in it. May you continue to inspire people especially the women of Baao. #womenpower

For inquiries and reservations:
Bernadette de Los Santos at 0919-5887877
Email: bidibidi101@gmail.com
Facebook Page: Baao Burda Initiatives, La Huerta de Rosario and Cafe des Artes
Blog: www.farmbaao.blogspot.com
Address: Sta. Teresita, Baao, Camarines Sur


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