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Monday, November 23, 2015

New Drinks and Waffles at Don Rodolfo's Cafe

Naga City - There's a saying that sometimes we have to slow down, but I think this is not the case here in our city when we talk about cafes. When more cafes open, here comes the healthy competition between the brands but but lies the excitement on our end as customers. 

Last July, Don Rodolfo's Cafe (DRC), opened its doors to Nagueños offering art and unique food like the Black Burger, best sellers Sisig Pasta, S'mores and a whole lot more. (CLICK HERE for the first review of DRC). Roughly after four months, DRC has new offerings perfect for the holidays and your after school or work coffee.


Frappe from P119 to P149
From left: Green Tea Kitkat, Cookies and Cream, Salted Caramel, Choco Overload and Banana Caramel
Photo by Kookai of Black and White Scribbles
Iced Tea for only P69: Lemon Peppermint, Lemon Cherry, Lychee Raspberry
New hot teas for only P49 are Zesty Lemon and Lychee
Photo by Kookai of Black and White Scribbles
I personally like the Lemon Peppermint and the hot Lychee tea. 

Waffle Sandwich for P149
Served with chicken, lettuce, tomato and your choice of sauce - maple syrup, chocolate or cheese. Requesting for extra sauce is an added cost of P29 only.

If I will be ranking the sauces it would be the maple syrup as my top choice, second is the cheese and last is the chocolate. Not that the chocolate is the last option but it pays to consider your drinks when choosing your sauce so that they would complement each other. As for me, I wouldn't want my food to be as sweet as my drink.
And oh btw, the cheese sauce is the same good old sauce used in DRC's best seller burger.

Apologies for the multiple photos of the waffles below, I just can't get enough of them. Choose from strawberry, chocolate for P119 or bacon P129. . 
I have a sweet tooth, so these are all in my favor. In Manila, prices of waffles ranges from P180 and up. DRC never fails to amaze us with new offerings, the source of something new in the metro. 

My personal favorites are the Green Tea Kitkat Frappe and Salted Caramel
Unlike any other coffee shops both from local and international brands I find DRC's Green Tea Kitkat Frappe and Salted Caramel just right for my sweet tooth. Not too sweet but definitely not too bland. The Salted Caramel Frappe is perhaps the most photogenic Frappe in DRC next to the Choco Overload.

Photo by Kookai of Black and White Scribbles

There goes my tea and my waffles.

Just to sum up the new offerings of DRC they have:

Waffle Sandwich - P149
Waffles with Strawberry / Chocolate P119 / Bacon P129
New Frappes from P119 to P149
Hot Tea for P49
Cold Tea for P69

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Don Rodolfo's Cafe
M.T. Villanueva Avenue Former Liboton Street
Naga City
Facebook Page: Rodolfo's Cafe
Instagram: @rodolfoscafe
Contact No.: 0999 994 4042


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