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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Anselmo's Restaurant

Naga City - More and more buffet restaurants are opening its doors to NagueƱos. Prices differ from among the existing restaurants with a variety of dishes offered. One Wednesday night, I was invited by a friend to have dinner at this secluded buffet restaurant. Why did I say secluded? While yes it's near the Central Business District II, Anselmo's is actually located in a subdivision, inside Naga City Subdivision to be specific and it's just one tricycle ride away from the city center. Upon entering the main road of the subdivision, turn on the first left then turn right on the second street, Dahlia Street. 

Since it is inside a subdivision, technically speaking it's a residence turned restaurant. Anselmo's is not only a restaurant but also offers catering services to various events. The restaurants facade will instantly give you a homey feeling. 

On the left is the glass door to the restaurant and on the right is the restroom. 

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Most affordable buffet to date. Anselmo's offers the most affordable buffet which only costs P145. But this however does not include the dessert. Considering the price, the number of dishes is just right. This allows you to at least have a taste of every dish they offer. 

They serve soup as starter.Your choice of stir fried? or plain rice or perhaps take the pancit as an alternative. 

Bicol dishes like Katnga / Laing is also served. I also liked their kare-kare. 

Presentation might not be that appealing, maybe because I was used to seeing buffets with trays always half full or another option would be for the staff to always see to it that the dishes look presentable. Random people take random photos on any random day. Just like my visit to this restaurant. But don't you worry, I only write about restaurants for one main reason, it means that I liked the food and the service and I would recommend it for my readers.

Another Bicol favorite, kinunot is also served and beside it is the fish fillet. 
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The portraits of Anselmo's are iconic.

They also have couch-type seats on one side of the restaurant, I just couldn't take photos because there were families enjoying their food. 

The desserts are excluded from the buffet. I loved their leche flan, smooth and perfect. Surprisingly the blueberry cheesecake was also delicious, even though at first I said that it does not look appealing to me haha. So yeah I take back what I said. 

Over all experience, I would rate it as 4 out 5. 
Dear Anselmo's, if you are reading this please message me  on my Facebook Page.
 I just have one comment.

Daily Lunch Buffet 10 AM to 2 PM
Dinner Buffet 6 PM to 11 PM
Dahlia St. Naga City Subdivision
Tel No. (054) 881 6229
Facebook Page: Anselmo's
Email: anselmos.restaurant@gmail.com


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