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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ina Away From Home

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. This isn’t a wondrous case of a long distance relationship between lovers or so, but a case of faith for the almighty away from home. For Filipinos working abroad, one source of strength to stay longer in a foreign land is his or her own faith. Faith in the supreme being regardless of one’s religion. In Floyd Bola Francisco’s case (now based in New Zealand), like any another Nagueno, Ina, Our Lady of Penafrancia has a big role in strenthening our faith in God.

Floyd, using his skillful hands, made a backdraft of an altar. Made from cloth, spray painted with a pattern of Ina’s outlined image is now Floyd’s own version of Basilica’s altar. There is nothing more rewarding in expressing one’s faith by using your own gifts and talents. A simple gesture of faith and  yet fulfilling as it is.

Our source of strength will always come from home, and rebuilding a new home away from home is always a challenge. Faith in God thru Ina can be expressed in so many ways not only in Maogmang Lugar but in a person’s happy heart wherever and whenever he may be.

Penafrancia de Mayo is nearly approaching... CLICK HERE for the schedule of activities. 

All images are from Floyd Bola Francisco
Kudos to you Floyd! Kudos to fellow Naguenos, Bicolanos and devotees for keeping the faith! 

Remember our posted image on Facebook of Ina using chips?
Art work by Jessy Florendo

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