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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy Finds in Naga: Mami at Toasted Siopao

Naga Garden is a Chinese owned establishment and one of the all time favorite restaurants of Naguenos. During my childhood years, I can still remember myself looking at the big aquarium with colorful and beautiful fishes where Naga Garden was also iconic for. I wonder why they didn't bring it back the last time they did a renovation. Still remember Cafe Candice and Naga Restaurant (Now a Jollibee Store) along Gen. Luna Street? They have the same taste of mami, if I'm not mistaken they are "sister-restaurants" if there's such a word. I might be wrong so please comment away if you have the correct info about them. Care to share about the history of the three restaurants? Just leave a comment perhaps. 

As of March 9, 2014, Asado Mami costs Php 72.00 already. A bit pricey as of the moment but it still gives you the same classic taste. I can still remember that it was around 35 pesos or even less during my childhood years. Mami is usually partnered with toasted siopao or sometimes egg pie which is also known for Naga Garden.

Other Naga Garden favorites are Pancit Guisado, Chopsuey Rice and other rice topping meals. Naga Garden is like an upscaled Kinalasan but offers the basic mami instead in asado, chicken, and beef and of course the ever Naga original, the toasted siopao.

Do not expect  fine dining features in this restaurant because you really don't need that anyway. Service is quick. Just sit down and a waiter will approach you to take your order. They come back with a glass of water or your preferred drinks. Then after a while viola, your mami is served hot. If it doesn't seem hot enough for you, you can always give it back to them and let them reheat the soup. hehe

Asado Sauce. The sauce is what makes the mami uniquely Naga Garden. Unlike before, I think they charge now for your extra sauce. You know what they say nowadays, everything comes with a price. Just the same with the sauce for your Kinalas.

So roughly your Php 100.00 will be enough for a snack at Naga Garden. Still cheaper than other restaurants right? Now who wants to take a snack break at Naga Garden? Let's go!!

'Till our next happy finds in Naga!


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