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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Roadtrip: Lita's Carinderia

Born and raised by a family who loves to go on a "south road", every trip to the suburbs of Manila has always been a bumpy ride. It's either when the Bicol Road is under construction then the Quezon road is in good condition or vice versa. To avoid boredom, we usually pack up with snacks and enjoy stop overs whenever we need to. Road trips gives me a feeling of freedom, freedom to see every bit of scenery there is that undergo changes through the years. Same road but different experience each time.

Talking about food, let's admit it, at present there are very few "presentable" stop overs especially when you reach the Bicol grounds. Not unlike when you go North and travel via NLEX and now plus the SCTEX and TPLEX right? Countless complex with high end shops, restaurants and convenience stores are everywhere. Here in Bicol, most of us take the Andaya Highway (aka Quirino Highway) where all you see are trees and mountains around you. On the other hand you'll be able to buy harvested fruits or crops along the way which also offsets whatever they have in the north. Taking also the Sta. Elena - Cam Norte road will only add up to the usual long number of hours of the trip.

From Naga these are the towns you'll pass by: Milaor, San Fernando, Pamplona, Libmanan, Sipocot
Turn left to Andaya Highway, Lupi, Ragay, and Del Gallego. The first Quezon town which is still part of Andaya Highway is Tagkawayan. Then most travelers stop at Calauag with gas stations and enough stores around, after which is Lopez. If you leave Naga early in the morning, then Gumaca is the perfect stop over for your lunch or early lunch perhaps. But even if you go on a night trip you can still eat at this place, a midnight snack will always be welcome, right?

When I was a kid, this carinderia was made up of light materials like a typical kubo but with enough space inside. Over the years, I have seen this place grew and develop into this good looking restaurant. They do not need much of a posh interior because the set up matches the scenery in front, a seaside view.

Lita's carinderia is well known for their Cocido / Sinigang na isda, yellow fin to be specific (photo below). The fish I believe is always a fresh catch and is served the whole day. By this we mean anytime of the day especially for travelers. The cocido is just so worth ordering even if  it is for your merienda. I'm turning 29 this year, all I can say is, the codido has never changed its taste ever since I was a kid. I have appreciated it even more this time when I started going on a road trip with my family, simply because this time I'm no longer a passenger. Para sa isang driver, nakakawalang pagod ang cocidong ito.

They also serve other dishes which you can add to your cocido. If in case you are not much of a "fish" person, you can always opt to take the unlimited "sabaw". Same taste of goodness with that of the cocido but without the veggies and yellow fin.

I believe the 2nd floor is still a dining area or a function hall maybe, but the chairs and tables are that of the crazy-cut type.

One serving as of my last trip (December 17 and 19, 2013) costs Php 100.00 with your choice of body part of the yellow fin. 

I'm not really sure if she is Aling Lita, feeling ko lang po siya nga. hehe

The restroom (inset) has improved a lot, way way better than before because it was situated outside the carinderia.

So there, don't forget to drop by this carinderia/restaurant. The cocido is a must try! Have a safe trip!

P.S. I'll try blogging other stops that are worth featuring next time during my free time.


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