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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jose Maria Panganiban Commemoration Day

The parade was participated by Government Officials, Barangay Councils, School Representatives with students and faculty and other NGO's. 

Pictures during the parade going to Naga Central School are posted below. 

Mayoral Proclamation No. 2014-001 declared the 23rd of January 2014 as Commemoration Day in honor of Jose Maria Panganiban in the City of Naga. By virtue of the said Proclamation, activities such as Foot Parade along Panganiban Drive, wreath-laying ceremonies in the monument built in his honor at Naga Central School I, as well as exhibit about his life and heroism at the Holy Rosary Minor Seminary will be made. Source: Naga Smiles to the World Facebook Page

Source: Naga Smiles to the World Facebook

Jose Ma. Panganiban y Enverga (February 1, 1863 - August 19, 1890) was a Bicolano propagandist, linguist and essayist whose life was tragically cut short, an event that caused great mourning in the Filipino community in Spain. He is one of the main writer and contributor for La Solidaridad, writing under the pen names "Jomapa" and "J.M.P." Read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jose_Maria_Panganiban


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