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Monday, July 8, 2013

UNC Celebrates Founder's Day 2013

Photo Credit: UNC Instructional Media Center

UNC is set to celebrate Dr. Jaime Hernandez's, birth and death anniversary on Thursday, July 11. Schedule of activities will start with a flag raising ceremony, holy mass, parade, and a floral offering at the founder's monument. To highlight the event, there will be a documentary presentation of the founder's legacy at the Sports Palace and a Book Launching about the founder, authored by Mr. Randy Bacares. 

The UNC administration officials will also lead the ground breaking for new covered courts located in front of the High School Building (Read related news here). This is the second infrastructure boost up in the university after UNC's E-Library groundbreaking ceremony held last summer. 

In the afternoon it will be a celebration of the UNC community with fun games, a variety show and mass induction of the students' organizations to conclude the day. Non scholae sed vitae, "Not of school but of life", to fulfill the founder's dream to give quality education to the Bicolano youth is a commitment of the university then and now. 

On this page you will see photo updates of the event. 

Photo Credit: UNC Instructional Media Center


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