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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bora Hut Food Temple

Bora Hut Food Temple
Bora Hut Food Temple's operation ended last November 2014. 
Beside Natasha, Penafrancia Avenue Naga City

Temple Run. A friend of mine mistakenly thought that what he saw at the signage was "Bora Hut Temple Run". Kasama niya yung friend sa jeep ng dumaan sa harap ng Bora Hut. Habang lumampas na, nagdiskusyon  kung may "run" talaga sa hulihan o wala hahaha. It was a funny argument between them that I decided to let my friend come along with me during the grand opening. And so we went to Bora Hut Food Temple and yes without the "Run" ;)

Bora Hut Food Temple is the latest food haven in the city.  Landscaped with an oriental theme and endowed with refreshing ambiance, it is a temple with a fusion of street food, kinalas, paksiwan, burgers, pizza, pasta, salad, meals, oriental dishes, mexican dishes, shawarma and Bora Hut specials all in one compound. There are a total of 9 entrepreneurs with their own kiosk type of stall ready to serve you with their own unique menu. So whatever food you're craving for you can always look around and you might end up trying all of them out.

So whenever you say you're going to Bora Hut, clarify it first if you're going on a food trip or a drinking spree. Oh btw, Bora Hut Food Temple will only be serving premium beer. Bora Hut 1 and 2 for your drinking spree and Bora Hut Food temple for your gastronomic adventures.

Our favorite Spice Eleven Shawarma opened their 3rd branch here at the temple, now with additional menu like beef kema and shawarma platter.

Congrats to the new addition of Bora Hut after Bora Hut 2. Let us continue patronizing our homegrown Bicol brands!


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