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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

From a J to Another J

"Don't talk to strangers!" A line most often reminded by parents to their children. In this case, I was able to prove it wrong for the first time. Perhaps this case is quite different because the intention is way too friendly and in a very professional manner.

I posted once on NCD's Facebook page regarding the Starbucks Coupon, if there were some who were not able to complete the stickers. To my surprise, I got a message on NCD's FB page telling me that I can have her card. I was not really expecting that it will be as easy as that. I was able to let it pass for a few weeks not until she messaged me again for another invite on a launching event to be held this week. The schedule of the event did not permit me to squeeze it in my own
sched because I have work (Yes I do, full time). After conversing about the launching and possible future invitations for NCD, she unhesitantly (if there's such a word) brought up again about the Starbucks promo card, and this time the stickers are complete! Whoaaa!

I was shy and hesitant the first time she offered it and for the second time I got hesitant again but in a different way (garo maraot naman magtanggi na twice na pigtao sako). So there I accepted the planner, thanks to Cethy and Beth of Starbucks Naga for assisting and getting hold of the planner after being entrusted by Ms. Jet-Jet.

Mind you guys, I never met Ms. Jet-Jet and never did she met me. But, I'm pretty sure I will be able to meet and thank her personally in due time. Perhaps in one of the events that she is organizing.

From a j person to another j, thank you so much Ms. Jet-Jet. You're an added inspiration as I continue my passion in updating www.nagacitydeck.com for our fellow Nagueños and Bicolanos.


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