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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bigg's Diner @ 30

Bigg's Diner @ 30
January 25, 2013
Jardin Real Clubhouse

Wow! Just wow! This is my third time this January that I got invited by entrepreneurs/groups for a very important gathering. I believe this is something new for NCD, something very extrovert in nature that I am being exposed to social groups. These groups play an important role here in our city and with these recent exposures I can better feature them here in my blog. Nothing beats first hand experience when it comes to being one with the society.

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/BiggsDiner?fref=ts
A corporate party is being celebrated by Bigg's every January as a post Christmas and kick-off party for their anniversary. 2013 is like no other, because this is Biggs’ 30th anniversary and I'm privileged to get an invite.

The theme of the party is in "Retro". I was really amazed on how everyone dressed up, from the owners to the employees. Even Mr. Carlo Buenaflor, the GM of Bigg’s was really hippy and game. Everyone really looked fabulous from head to foot. Seriously cool and awesome!

Everyone from Bigg’s was in one place from the management up to the crew from all the branches here in Bicol and Calabarzon. Messages were given by the top management to start the night. Thara Padi, a local band in Naga, played well with a very soothing music that can groove you to sway along with them.
Every year, during our annual corporate party, groups of employees perform a song/dance number in accordance to the theme of the party. This is their way of showing off their talents. From Bigg's Diner Facebook
The performances were obviously been prepared for so much from the costumes to the choreography. Can you imagine how they managed their work and practice at the same time knowing that they have different shifts and different day offs. Kudos to all teams who participated and congrats to Bigg's Centro and Magsaysay for winning the competition.

Here's a video from Bigg's Diner Facebook Page

It was everybody’s night, not until the Loyalty Awards were presented. Employees who were in service for 5, 10, 25 and 30 years were given recognition. From the stories of the employees, I could not help but admire how a Bicolano brand and management stayed strong for their employees and kept them well in the arms of the company . I was able to see how they felt at home throughout their stay in Bigg's. It's like the second home away from home if your a working person. There are no perfect companies or perfect owners, just real people who know what their employees need and employees who have the drive to learn new things from everyday challenges . Working with harmony will always be a key in every institution. I'm really glad that I attended the affair, it's not everyday that you get to see how companies celebrate their achievements. The highlight of the whole event was the cake with the number 30 on it and was ended by none other than the owners of Bigg's.

So guys, better stay tuned for more surprises from Bigg's, I'm pretty sure there's a lot in store for you guys this year. Thank you so much Bigg's for the experience! More power to Bigg's and may your dreams get bigger for your employees and us your loyal customers! Cheers to a big Bicolano brand, cheers to 30! Cheers to Bigg's!

For wacky and cool photos during the event, please follow the links below:

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