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Monday, June 11, 2012

Road Trip: Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine

Looking back at Ph history is an achievement and at the same time a pleasure and a privilege. One of our destinations last Christmas (2011) vacation was the Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine, the site of proclamation of Philippine Independence in Kawit, Cavite.

There are no entrance fees to the Aguinaldo Shrine, just give a tip to the kind tour guide.

Let's journey back

Gen. Emilio's Car

The lawn

The first bowling lane in the Philippines


Si manong tour guide full of stories and humor.
He always joked around that if we want any of the fixtures, we can take it home provided you have to carry it by yourself. haha

Isa sa mga lagusan ng bahay ni Emilio.. a tunnel going to the town proper

One of Emilio's daughters bedroom

terrace of Emilio's daughters

The daughters' bedroom windows

The attic

Back view of the house
Just one with grills on the ground floor (photo above) is the pool of the General (photo below)

Apart from the rooms of Emilio's daughters that I really liked, I also like this area.. the Bulwagan ng mga Beterano.. it's sort of a conference room but a lobby to be specific with wooden built in chairs on the sides.

At the end of this room is the stairs going to the backyard (photo below)

This is the terrace near the kitchen, were Gen. Emilio and his family have their breakfast sometimes

See, may ref na before, this is just a proof that Emilio and his family was also a rich person haha

Another lagusan, where the dining table is moved.. still remember your history lessons?

Wood works on the ceiling

Just look at the amazing furnitures, antique that is!

The mater bedroom

This room is going to the attic

medicine cabinet

In memory of the first President of the Philippines

A monument was built in front of the house of Aguinaldo


  1. can we just walk-in or advance notice is needed here?

  2. kami po family tour lng naman, 3 families in all. walk in lng po kami. :)