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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Burp! Enough Said

Mapapa Burp! ka talaga pagkatapos kumain!

I and my colleagues were looking for a place to eat after work. As usual, I always try to suggest to eat at restaurants which serves a new taste to our palate. We were about to try a new coffee shop at Mayon Avenue but apparently the opening was still on a Friday, while it was only Tuesday that day. So we looked for another restaurant and I said let's try the one near St. Joseph School. As to which one, we now find ourselves at Burp!

Image Source: Burp Facebook Page

LOCATION: Burp! is located at Door 2, Naga Ville Development Building (NVDB), Triangulo, CBD 2. NVDB is home to other unique food and drink haven like Pao Pao Xiao Xi, Mexi Mama and Spice Eleven Shawarma Express. This building is just beside Saint Joseph School at Panganiban Drive, Naga City.

THE PLACE: The whole NVDB is a long stretch of commercial space very ideal as an office or small food house (like Burp) and other types of business with an ample parking space. Well, except during rush hours because there's a school right beside it. The place is good for the type of food they are serving, it's a type of food house, very ideal for busy people. Burp has limited seats but I guess it's not a hindrance for the business to flourish.

Burp's color are dominantly red, white and accents of black. That door towards the end of the picture is the main door of Burp.

Pictures of stuffed customers of Burp! You might see some of your friends there.

THE FOOD: Budget is Php 60 to Php 100. Very affordable and yet very heavy on your stomach simply because you might order another serving or some extra rice. 

Now to start if off with some appetizer. I planned on eating Nachos only, but towards the end, I was so envy with my friends eating their dinner.

The Nachos may look so ordinary, but it also tasted good.

BEEF PARES for the win!! This is one of Burp's BEST SELLERS!
The Afforda-Bowls are really very affordable! The bowls look cute by the way, but don't be deceived by it's size that it might look as not enough for you. Apparently it might not be enough as you might order another one because of it's superb taste!

When I saw the Sisig, I could not help but order myself a rice to join the fun!

One of my officemates ordered a Teriyaki, I just forgot if it's beef, pork or chicken. Haha

Garlic Chicken

So there you have it, these are just few of the delicious meals that you can find at Burp!
Burp! Enough said! Busog!

For deliveries, dial the numbers 473-BURP (2877)

Visit Burp's Facebook Account


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