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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sosimo Resto Bar

Sosimo Resto Bar 
Magsaysay Avenue Naga City
Just Beside Carcido Motors

Visit Sosimo Resto Bar on Facebook. CLICK HERE

I and  my co-skyscrapercity - SSC forumers (aidz, akosijamir, fil07, garzland, kevinb, Ralph aka brattrap, and Pres Pao..oragon.com) celebrated our post Christmas Party at Sosimo Resto Bar last December 28, 2011. Indeed it was a fun night as the boys sung their hearts out in one of the KTV Rooms of Sosimo Resto Bar located on the second floor of the building. The staff were very accommodating and friendly making us feel at home and at ease. The loudness of the music for the room was enough with crisp digital surround sound with 4 satellite speakers ideally located on the corners of the room and a subwoofer for the bass. Here's something unique about this resto bar, they serve healthy cooked foods for the main dishes. The olive oil's scent will not give you guilt feelings of gaining too much calories. The whole place is not that big but it's cozy and comfortable.

Sosimo Resto Bar takes reservations, walk-ins, very ideal for group outings and an outdoor seating. For reservations and queries you can contact +639204221799. What else are you waiting for, visit Sosimo at Magsaysay Avenue Naga City.

Photo Source: Sosimo Resto Bar Facebook

Soft Opening
Dec. 17, 2011 

Rice / Pasta / Sandwiches


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