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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

EPP Six in the City Fun Run

The EPP SIX IN THE CITY Fun Run is the main event of the 6th anniversary celebrations of the Gov. LRay English Proficiency Program. It is a FUNd-raising event envisioned to involve one thousand runner-participants in the 3K, 6K, and 12K categories.

This event is on the 17th of December of this year.

For nearly six years now, the Gov. LRay English Proficiency Program has provided opportunity to thousands of professionals and job seekers to hone their English communication skills, which are undeniably a prerequisite in today's global job market. The EPP has also been instrumental in finding gainful employment for its graduates.

With the increasing demand for excellent English speakers worldwide, the event is aimed at raising funds for the upgrading of the program's equipment and materials to ensure that high-quality graduates are produced. This is apart from the promotion of physical fitness among the participants.

The fundraising event is aimed to generate funds and engender wider public goodwill for the EPP and its services.

Contact (054) 4734041 for more inquiries or visit the event page on Facebook.. CLICK HERE


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