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Sunday, November 6, 2011

World Diabetes Day: Lighting Ceremony in Naga City

World Diabetes Day in Naga City
November 14, 2011 

Pinoy Biggest Loser Grand Winner - Mr. Larry Martin

Porta Mariae in Blue Lights for the Word Diabetes Day
by Ramon T. Caceres Jr. MD

Photo by: Bong Bajo

The World Diabetes Day would be celebrated all over the world by illuminating a major monument with blue lights in major cities in each country.

The list include the Singapore Flyer, Empire Estate Building, Eiffel Tower, Sydney Harbor, Parthenon at the Acropolis to name a few.

The Porta Mariae and the cathedral grounds of Naga City, together with four other major cities (Laoag, Manila, Naga, Cebu and Davao) in the Philippines would be beamed live by the International Diabetes Federation during the continuous simultaneous lighting (according to time zone) on November 14, 2011.

Lighting Up ceremonies would begin in New Zealand and Australia.

Mr. Larry Martin of the Pinoy Biggest Loser would be our inspirational guest and would serve as a perfect model for the anti- obesity campaign of the Diabetes Philippines.

Diabetes screening by candle light, Health Care Booths and Health Related Food products booth are open at the cathedral gorund prior to the light up ceremonies.

7 PM is the formal light up to be headed by the Mayor and the Archbishop of Caceres.

Our very own SSC Camsur President, Oragon (pau) is the emcee.

This is our rare chance to see and take photos of the cathedral grounds bathed in blue.

Incidentally, Fr. Badiola commented that blue is the color of the Virgin Mary.

A blissful coincidence for the Pilgrim City represented by Naga.

It’s  Naga City's official color too