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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Starbucks Coffee Naga Now Brewing

Starbucks Coffee Naga - Now Brewing!
See you there!

SB Naga Mugs & Tumbler is now Available CLICK HERE

More photos at http://www.nagacitydeck.com/2010/08/starbucks-coffee-naga.html

Photo by pueblophilippines.com

August 22, 2010
Photos by: RJ

As of August 20, 2010
Photos by: akosijamir

As of August 17, 2010


  1. ok ni! ano daw kung pareho presyo sa manila ni :)

  2. first few months lng po. pero as of today, may bayad narin po.
    but the neighboring restaurants have free wifi access :D

  3. meron ng city mug?

  4. Yup, available na po ang SB Naga Mug

  5. how about yung tumbler?

    meron bang contact number yung store?

  6. haven't seen any City Tumbler yet. we'll try to ask for their contact number on our next visit to the store.

  7. hey can you send the number to me once you get it? thanks much! email is cye_espiritu@yahoo.fr

  8. Cye, i just visited this afternoon and the tumbler is now available but sorry i forgot and failed to ask for contact numbers. Where are you from? will try to visit again tomorrow or by Tuesday

  9. I'm from Manila, and I'll be in Naga by May 7th. And i'll go there specifically to get the tumblers eh. Hassle naman kung punta ko dun, out of stock yung tumblers :(

    Thanks much! :)

  10. are they not available in Manila stores? other city mugs are being sold here in SB Naga eh. May 7 is still a few days from today, i just don't know if how many are still in stock. i just hope i can still squeeze in my sched another visit this week at the store.

  11. nope. the city tumblers are specific to the area.

  12. you're right, just asked the baristas about it this evening when i bought one, there are still 24 tumblers in stock. I think there's still plenty of 'em just in time you arrive. Next delivery is on May 8. i'll pm you the store's number on your ym

  13. You are the BOMB! thanks much! happy! :)

  14. super thanks for the info, naga city deck. enjoyed my stay (eventhough it was a uber wet one :) ) in Naga. Got my tumbler already! :)