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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bigg's Frozen Yoghurt

Last Tuesday night, I dropped by at Bigg's Centro to try and order out their new product which is the Frozen Yoghurt. Unluckily, the crew said that they do not have a cover for the cup if it will be for take out. So there, I decided to try it instead this coming Friday during our TGIF session.

Friday came and I suggested to my TGIF friends to have our snack here at Bigg's.

Here's what I ordered for snack tonight.

California Tuna Sandwich

and their newest product
Snofrid Bros Frozen Yoghurt

Step 1. Choose your syrup topping from Strawberry, Chocolate and Coffee flavor

Step 2. choose another topping from the following:
Choco Chips, Marshmallows, Kit Kat, Nestle Crunch, M&M's and Choco Kisses

Step 3. Savor the taste of yoghurt yummyness with gusto!

Php 68.00

Additional topping will cost 15-20 pesos per topping.

This is a must try for all yoghurt fans out there. 
Hurry! Try the frozen yoghurt  for your dessert after eating your favorite "good food" from Bigg's.
*Prices are subject to change without prior notice, please always consider that date posted.


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