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Monday, October 12, 2009

So Soon But Goodbye and Hello in Time

It was past 11 pm last night of October 11, 2009 when I was really lazy to do some important things. So, I then opt to view some of my stocked photos in my laptop looking for snap shots to replace my banner. As I passed by the folder where I kept my SPED days, without any single thought, I suddenly searched for the screen shot that I made when I was still chatting with a friend months ago. The photo was taken when he was at the hospital during his therapy sessions when he let me viewed his webcam. That was the last time when I saw him online. Because I last saw him personally during the first quarters of the year if I'm not mistaken.

It was around 1:00 am when Vonn sent me a message over ym informing me that one of our friends just passed away around 11:00 pm. Poof, GOOSEBUMPS to the max! Because he was pertaining to the person who I looked for in my folders. It was obviously dark, the room was quite cold because of the AC and the laptop was the only thing that was giving me light. Upon receiving the grave news from Vonn, I know it was not just plain goose bumps. Because I am a person who can stand cold temperature without getting goose bumps. The only part of my body that gets cold is my feet. Was that coincidence? Why would I bother looking for his photos when I felt so lazy last night? I know there’s a reason why I gave effort in looking for his photo. I am a person who doesn’t feel all those “paramdam” from people who die even when my grandmother passed away. There's always a first time, the first time that I felt a bit scared. It was indeed an unusual experience for me.

So this morning, October 12, yes it’s confirmed from his brother. He really did passed away 11 pm. He will be home back here in Naga tomorrow morning. I then hurriedly informed some of my friends who also knew Aboi. I got to know Aboi personally when I took my Sped units in Ateneo. Surprisingly, he was already a friend of mine under his nickname like Mosquiton and because he was one of the Dy4-Clan when I was still in HS and early college years. IRC days really gave me a lot of friends who are still with me up to the present and Aboi was one of them. He wasn’t just a chatmate, he wasn’t just a classmate in sped, he was like my protector,. He protects me from my weaknesses by giving me encouragements to face them. I will surely treasure those meek words that you gave me.

I will miss our chitchats especially when he teases me a lot because he knew one secret of mine that only a few knows. I know you will still keep it as a secret aboi. We shared photos in flickr and talk about what was recently happening in my life. Now, he is with the Lord. No more sufferings, no more cancer, no more pain. It’s time for you to live your life with Him. Cancer chooses no one, cancer chooses no age, Aboi will always be an icon of great courage fighting against Cancer. I will surely miss you my dear friend. You left So Soon, but we had to say Goodbye because we know you’re ready. In time we’ll say Hello once again. >:D<

*Pictures to be uploaded later


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